English Teaching in K-12 Schools

Modern Zarqa was originally built around a Jordanian military base community, but today it is a large city. And way back, the Zarqa river is the modern name of the river where Jacob wrestled with the Lord. More than 96% of the population is Muslim, and our city known for having pockets of Islamic conservatives. Jordanians are the kings and queens of hospitality. You've never felt welcomed like this in your life!

Our Jordan team is a hub for developing young teachers who are interested in being equipped for ministry in the Middle East. This is a K-12 teaching placement that is generally focused on English/Language Arts. However, if a Goer has a background in math, sciences, sports, arts, etc., there are opportunities for teaching other content areas. Through teaching, workers can expect a lot of opportunity to build relationships and share hope with students, pareys, and other teachers.

Outside of teaching you will be able to hang out on campus, practice Arabic in the shops and markets, cook, go to parks, visit the teams in Amman or Mafraq, and go sightseeing. There is an abundance of Professional Development opportunities that are given to teachers as they serving. After the first year, teachers have an opportunity to go to language school in Amman to learn Arabic full-time.


We equip you! Really we do :) We have a strong 21 year partnership with a reputable academic institution that gives you a graduate level teaching certification and ongoing support. You can even pursue your MA degree after your first full year of teaching for a reduced price.

Teaching/Education Requirements:
A BA in any subject field.
A graduate level teaching certification is provided internally.
An education background is ideal for this role and/or teaching experience, but it's not required.

Language Proficiency:
Background studying Arabic is ideal but no language is required.
Experience working with youth is a plus.
Cross-cultural experience is also very helpful.
A desire to learn and grow.

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