English and Cultural Teacher to Impoverished Youth

This team is located in one of the most unreached places in the world! There are currently three multicultural families who have deep partnerships with locals in a variety of veins of ministry, including education, empowering locals and youth, and business startups.

With a burgeoning population and a curious and growing youth population, Goers are needed among the youth of our city to bring hope and healing to a lost world. Teaching English to children who do not have any access to the good news is an open door. We are looking for someone with a relational heart, a flexible attitude and a desire to serve in exciting and new situations.

Goers in this position will teach conversational English at two different locations in one of the most economically underprivileged parts of India, where a confluence of different religions, economic backgrounds and class make up this diverse and complex environment. The teacher would assist the team leaders in local relationships and allows them to expand relationships into more areas. The teaching opportunities are direct opportunities to share Divine Love with curious and open youth.

1) The first location is a once per week. Goers would teach conversational English and Western cultural lessons at a local partner school. The students are 3-5 grade in a well-behaved class size of around 40 students. Many of the students have a knowledge of the English language.

The school is asking that you design your own syllabus- focus on oral English speaking in practical settings. Local support staff to manage the class would be provided.

•“Book English” is well known here, but they want someone to help the students with accent and pronunciation, vocabulary increase, articulation, phonetics,

•Cultural Knowledge about the West is another topic that has been requested to be covered by the teacher- global use of the English language and cultural points - most of the kids won't go outside of India, but they need to know how to conduct themselves in English in the workplace and have confidence to speak.

2) The second location would comprise of two to four days a month, but would require significant preparation outside of classroom time. The teacher would travel with other teammates to a nearby city to a school in the slum to teach underprivileged children who have had little access to education in the past.

Goers will also have the opportunity to learn the Hindi language and engage in community projects in the other 2-4 days per week outside of their classroom preparation and teaching responsibilities. Goers are also encouraged to make friends locally, engaged in a hobby, and learn about the culture!



Bachelors Degree

Must enjoy being around groups of children and be willing to manage a class.

Basic “adulting” skills would also be helpful- managing basic finances, pay rent to a landlord and being willing to learn how to take public transit, book flight and train tickets independently.

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South Asia
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