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North Africa is home to 100,000,000 people, of which, more than 99% are Muslim, with little to no access to the Gospel. Though this region is beautiful and exotic, the people here live a hopeless life, far from God. Our vision is to help catalyze a network of healthy, reproducing, indigenously-led Churches among every people group in North Africa. Join a team of experienced CPM practitioners to have a significant impact, shining the Light of the world in a strategic city.

Your primary responsibility is to engage many local people with the Gospel and disciple those who come to faith. You will attend language school about 16 hours per week to study Arabic. We will equip you to strategically engage students and young adults to share the Gospel and find those the Father has prepared, who will become like the 4th Soil in Mark 4. Our team will provide you with training and development to help you grow as an effective movement catalyst. North Africa has a relatively low number of workers and fewer Kingdom resources than some other unreached regions of the world. Though access to the Gospel is growing, thanks to the internet, North Africa still has very little fruit. We need a labor force that will proclaim the Gospel and teach people to obey everything Christ commanded, in order to help local believers towards healthy Church formation and reproduction. We need Team Members here who will help develop healthy national leaders to take ownership of the Great Commission among the peoples of North Africa.

  • Demonstrates a mature walk with God
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the Bible with its overarching narrative
  • Evidences God uses calling, gifting and leading to reach unreached people groups with the gospel
  • Has the experience to fulfill the job assignment (we can help equip you)
  • Shows evidence of good emotional, physical, financial and mental health
  • Demonstrates a healthy relationship with a local evangelical church
  • Agrees with the Lausanne Covenant

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North Africa
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