Discipleship Training and Ministry Leader

Uganda is beautiful, but the Christian church is struggling with a growing number of false teachers. Poor education has made it easy for self proclaimed pastors and prophets to prey on the people and preach false doctrines. Many Christian pastors hunger for Bible training, yet they lack access to it. Transportation and Bible school costs make it near impossible for many of Uganda’s pastors, as they are also full time farmers or run small businesses.

Ugandan church members are starved for good Bible teaching and often lack the ability to read the Bible for themselves as their reading comprehension levels are so low. In addition to the literacy

problem, they are never taught how to read in their heart language (Lusoga), and they only can read the Bible in their cousin language (Luganda) or in English.

There is a huge need for those who have a strong foundation in the Gospel and a love for the lost and their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Sincere Goers who are looking for an opportunity

to make a difference and an impact for the Kingdom look no further, you are needed in Uganda!

Interested Goers need to have a strong relationship with the Lord, be able to feed themselves spiritually, and exhibit Fruit of the Spirit.


Goers would need to be good learners and come with the expectation that they’re going to receive as much as they give. Living and working in a new culture has a lot to teach you, and experienced missionaries can speak a lot into a persons life if they are humble and desire it.

Goers would definitely need to be able to work with people, to be able to lead Bible studies or teach small groups. Goers need to be a little tough and willing to try new things as well as be flexible. It would be helpful if Goers knew how to drive in heavy rutted and mudded roads, use the 4 wheel drive, and also operate a manual transmission vehicle (but not required).

Background or training in Bible, TESOL, teaching/education or similar is highly desired!

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