Discipleship & Ministry Apprentice

Senegal, the most western country in Africa, is known as the land of "teranga" meaning "hospitality" in the local Wolof language. The Senegalese people are warm, friendly, and are always ready to welcome in a foreigner. Meals in this beautiful country are eaten together around a common bowl showing a sense of unity as nearly every aspect of life, especially in the rural village setting, is shared together.

But Senegal is a country in spiritual darkness that is nearly 95% Muslim and home to many unreached people groups. Church planting efforts have been slow and many of the unreached people groups remain resistant to the Gospel. But there is a renewed hope among many national believers that God is preparing a harvest and you could be part of that!

You will be living and serving in the urban setting of Dakar, Senegal among an unreached people group, learning culture and language, building and establishing relationships, and looking for opportunities to share the Gospel and make disciples. You will also be serving as part of the Regional Mobilization Team that exists to mobilize and equip West Africans for mission to the world. You will see missions "up close and personal" as you live among and like the people you serve. Your days will be spent learning a new language and culture, building relationships, and engaging the spiritual darkness with the light of the Gospel through Bible storying, evangelism, and discipling of Christians.

  • This Goer will need to be flexible, resilient, able to live without some first-world comforts, adventurous, a self-starter, and have a desire to learn and be stretched.
  • A Goer who realizes that "doing" must flow out of "being" and that having a growing relationship with Jesus is always the most important thing.
  • This would be a great position for someone seriously considering long-term cross-cultural engagement.
  • Some exposure to the French language would be a huge plus.

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