Discipleship Facilitator

Santiago de Compostela is a historic city that is the physical, emotional, and spiritual heart of Galicia, an autonomous community within Spain. Galicia is the home of a unique people group with its own language. It has a deep Catholic history, but a context that is now more post-modern and post-Christian. It is also one of the rainiest cities in Europe, which helps keep the mountainous region green and beautiful, with a beautiful rugged Atlantic coastline.

Santiago has many people working to transform their community; the problem is they are largely doing it alone -- without true community and without Jesus. This leaves the city without visible examples of what a follower of Jesus looks like and the community of His church.

It is a growing city with over 100,000 people yet the community of Jesus followers is small and sometimes struggles to work together. The main role of the discipleship facilitator will be to give high attention to the believers who exist within the city while helping the team work towards forming one interconnected community of new and existing believers with the goal of reproducing others.

The main goal of the Discipleship Facilitator is to listen and learn from others in their context for the purpose of mutually submitting themselves to knowing and exploring Jesus alongside of others. Discipleship is the friction that expands the work of any initiative; therefore, the facilitator must be able to manage and encourage this expansion. The primary co-worker for the disciple maker will be the Holy Spirit which should lend to a deep growth in self-awareness and inner freedom as they learn to be a disciple first and foremost.


Willing to see God in ways that they never have before until I allowed that person

Honesty, Humility, and Selflessness

Experience working with Discovery Bible Studies

Accept each individual as valuable in his or her own right and trust in the ability of each individual to discover his or her own solutions to problems

Foster ownership in individuals and groups which stimulates forward thinking

Theologically trained or learned

A thorough understanding of the Gospel

A passion for the Word and compassion for people



Work well in teams

Be aware of and take responsibility for your own feelings, values, thoughts and unresolved issues, and recognize the impact these have on others

Focus on the individual, not the behavior and provide feedback that focuses on observations rather than judgments

Gifted in teaching

A listener

Language aptitude and/or proficiency in Spanish

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