Disciple-Making Outreach Leader

Disciple-Making Outreach Leaders will live and minister in a city of North Africa, which for centuries, has played a vital role in the development of Islam both intellectually, spiritually, and socially. Islamic scholars from around the Muslim world travel to this region for further education. However, the minority Christian Church endures and the opportunity to partner with faithful brothers and sisters in outreach to see a movement is growing each year.

In recent times, the city has been suffering from an increasingly difficult economic situation with many people living on less than $1.30 per day. The situation will only be exacerbated by the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic and will inevitably affect the refugee population, amongst whom a great deal of our ministry takes place. There are around 200,000 refugees and asylum seekers registered with the UNHCR here, with millions more living and working undocumented. Most migrants are from neighboring countries that have experienced political instability and war in the past decade.

The context of our ministry is challenging and requires devoted followers of Jesus Christ that are deeply motivated by their personal relationship with God. The longer our team remains in this city, the more ministry opportunities we begin to perceive. In fact, the opportunities far out-weigh our team’s current capacity. We are recruiting Disciple-Making Outreach Leaders to develop access ministries that address felt needs (e.g. health, sanitation, nutrition, literacy, agriculture, micro-loans, human trafficking) in ways which open doors for personal interaction with many new lost people. As these new ministries are combined with our team’s commitment to personal evangelism, discipleship, and service to Muslims, we may see fruitful openings for the spread of the Gospel among the peoples of the city.

Disciple-Making Outreach Leaders will pursue further training in disciple-making movements, which will equip you in culture and the Arabic language to assist the field in leading conferences and trainings for co-workers, local believers, and believers of Muslim background. Outreach Leaders will coordinate strategic prayer groups and discovery bible studies as a network in order to see the start of a movement. They will also serve in seeking out new access ministry opportunities and be guided by Field Leadership to develop and coordinate that ministry if they possess the necessary competencies and experience to help others.


Required Competencies:

• A minimum one year’s experience working in ministry overseas, in addition to being sent and supported by at least one local church

• Have established relationships with Muslims in the past

• A desire to learn a new culture and language with high level of difficulty

• Be comfortable exercising the utmost discretion in dealing with confidential materials and information

• Demonstrate the ability to prioritize, meet due dates, make good decisions, and take initiative

• A desire to consistently learn and grow

Desired Character:

• A compassionate heart towards people in need of the gospel

• Willingness to be a servant

• Flexibility to adapt to changeable daily circumstances

• Team Player

Placement Details

North Africa
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