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Disability Ministries Program Coordinator

Our team works with the only Protestant church in the rural region of Devoll, Albania to bring transformation to the community. We empower local believers to live out their faith and work for positive change in their community. Our vision is to see churches started in many of the 44 villages of Devoll, to equip local believers and mobilize them into ministry, to reach the many still unreached in our region with the Good News, and to begin ministries that will bring life to the oppressed.

Services for the disabled, men’s alcohol recovery programs, activities for children, outreach to the Roma people, and help for the elderly are all non-existent yet needed in our community. New churches reaching into the villages are also non-existent yet needed. We invest in change agents in our community who will trust the Lord with us for the spiritual and practical transformation needed here.

We are strategically positioned to work with local believers to seek transformation in Devoll. We work not as outsiders coming in with our own plans, but in partnership with the local church. New teammates are needed who can bring new skills, gifts, and passions to the work here.

One dream of our church is to serve people with disabilities and their families. There are very few services available in our region for the disabled community - the families of people with disabilities are overwhelmed and in great need of advocacy/empowerment/training. The Disability Ministries Program Coordinator would build relationships with special needs families in our community, hear their needs, and work to create programming that would serve them.

This could mean starting a group where parents could come together and share their experiences instead of living in isolation, networking to help the families of people with disabilities get access to services that they need, or creating programs to help the disabled community develop friendships locally. It would also include helping to cast vision to local believers and getting them involved, and mobilizing them to ministry among the disabled community and their families.


Heart for people with disabilities, desire to support and empower families of people with disabilities, desire to start new things.
Background in special education or experience working with people with disabilities would be helpful in this role, but not required.
Required: someone who is a good listener who could hear what this community is in need of and work with others to start new ministries to meet these needs.

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