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Calling select creatives! Our environment is a beautiful place with vibrant color and incredible sensory experiences in the foothills of the Himalayas. We live in one of the most economically underprivileged parts of India, where a confluence of different religions, economic backgrounds and class make up this diverse and complex environment. We are located in one of the most unreached places in the world. However, the growing youth population is open and curious! Our local fellowship invites others to join and learn about Christ without denying their local culture and family background.

Digital media is a way to expand our reach locally and be connected to the global community. We have a variety of projects in the pipeline ranging from economic development, entertainment and much needed stimulation of the local market. New business opportunities assist the current team to spread into new local venues and expand relationships into more areas. These projects give us the chance to work with locals while building relationships in an honest and authentic manner, a refreshing way of working amongst people in a highly unreached area.

We need creative minds with digital skills to help us carry these projects forth! We have the cultural know-how and ongoing relationships, and are looking for more teammates to help execute new ideas to impact lives. We have creative energy flowing and experienced long term workers with several ideas, but we need more people who specialize in social media, graphic design, web design, videography and audio engineering to join us to help to launch new projects.

Goers in this position would help in these efforts through a number of potential projects, including…
-online social media evangelism – Digital Media to Discipleship Making Movement
-video series YouTube channel for language learning
-ecommerce promoting local, eco-friendly, ethically made products
-assistance in launching of cultural knowledge books
-recording and distributing of local, ethnic music and audio artistry
-social media campaign informing visitors about local culture


-Work experience in the digital media field (even some will do)
-Tech savvy and creative
-Proficiency in multiple softwares and willing to learn new ones

-Entrepreneurial spirit, flexible attitude, perseverance.
-A commitment to learning a new language and culture.
-A humble attitude of respect for different cultures.
-A combination of a team player and self-starting/independent attitude.

Placement Details

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South Asia
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