Dairy Farm Manager

The Republic of Georgia, a small mountainous country nestled between Europe and Asia, is a strategic intersection between Europe and the Middle East. While the majority of the country practices Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the southeast corner of the republic is home to an Iranian Muslim community 160,000 strong.

After fleeing their homeland, a team of persecuted Iranian Muslim-background believers have come together in Georgia with a holistic vision and plan to see the church grow and be strengthened. This Persian team has a vision to reach the entire Persian world through the continued development of a burgeoning church planting movement. Although the region is considered economically repressed, there is a strong openness to the gospel.

Today, the two most significant issues facing this church planting team are lack of trained leaders and the financial ability to maintain the exponential growth in the current discipleship movement. They have sought wise counsel and have now developed a well thought through long term ministry plan that will enable the ministry to expand well and do so in a financial self sustaining way.

Goer will help to run the daily operations of a dairy farm owned by CIC Mission. This dairy farm will financially support the long term needs of the Bi-Vocational Training Center and the outreach ministries of this Iranian church planting team.


* Excellent understanding of the daily operation of a modern western dairy farm,
* Strong interpersonal skills,
* DMM (Discipleship Making Movement) Training,
* DBS (Discovery Bible Study) Training,
* Inductive Bible Study Training,
* General knowledge of business as mission concepts,
* Farsi language background or the desire to learn Farsi,
* Humble heart,
* Must be a self starter enjoys being in a saturated cultural context,

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