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Fez is the historic imperial center of Morocco and is the cultural heart of the country. Fez is a busy city with people out everywhere all the time. There are many modern amenities as well as very ancient ways of life. The city is very culturally rich and revered amongst Moroccans. Over 99.9% of the population is Muslim, making this city a strategic place for followers of Christ to move into and live among this beautiful community.

Teaching English opens a relevant and natural door for relationships, because the academic language in Morocco recently changed from French to English, creating a strong need to have teachers with native-like fluency. Our organization has been invited by the government to teach in their schools, which is a great long-term opportunity to live and serve in the Middle East. Studying language and culture is a key piece for doing this effectively.

This two-year opportunity is created to help you get a full experience of Morocco, develop quality relationships with Moroccans, and be a part of an experienced team. This drastically increases the likelihood of longer term placement, even without the requisite academic credentials, as an in-country, face-to-face interview has a much higher chance of yielding a job for the future. This placement is a good entry position for those who are considering serving long-term in the future.


-A graduate level teaching certification is given to new workers during training

-Optionally - you can pursue a MA degree at a reduced price

-Teaching experience or an education background is not required but could lead to quicker employment opportunity

-A desire to learn language and culture

-Flexibility/adaptability is a must

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