Creative Communicator

Are you a graduate in media, IT or arts, or simply have a creative flair and a passion for outreach? Would you like to learn to harness your creativity as a way of communicating the good news about Jesus?

Romania is the largest country in South-East Europe. It borders Bulgaria to the south, Ukraine to the north, Serbia and Hungary to the west and the Black Sea & Moldova to the east. Its hospitable and friendly people are spread across the country living in large cities and small communities, on the seashore, plains, hills or mountains. Coming out quite recently from under communism, people love the idea of democracy which they have tried hard to obtain and maintain. Despite the atheist propaganda of communist times, the strong Orthodox religious background, and postmodern influences from the West, young people in Romania are searching for purpose and truth.

The national IFES movement in Romania, Organizaţia Studenţilor Creştini Evanghelici din România (OSCER) has a long history of students sharing the gospel with their Romanian colleagues and, in more recent years, with international students. However, Covid-19 has impacted the student world forever with over a year of online classes and the increasing use of social media in this generation. Therefore, the need for well-designed, curiosity-raising content as a platform for building relationships with students and starting conversations about faith and spirituality is greater than ever before. 

The role of creative communicator would be primarily working with the ministry to international students in Bucharest, using social media to promote events and befriend students. There will be opportunity for theological and personal study including topics of communication, evangelism and the arts as well as practical application of this through creating online content such as blogs, videos or podcasts. This role will also support and encourage student groups across Romania through running creative workshops to train other Christian students in using the arts in evangelism, and in producing creative online content.


Adaptable to new contexts; good communication skills; knowledge and experience of technology, social media and/or a specific artistic field; experience in leading small group discussions and bible studies; experience with student work (either national or with internationals) is desirable

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