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Community Development Catalyst

Lilongwe, a peaceful city of 1.2 million people is located in one of the most scenic nations in sub-Saharan Africa. Malawi’s people are warm, welcoming, hopeful, and resilient. Malawi is a country of incredible beauty with outstanding opportunities for outdoor recreation. The culture in Malawi is tribal yet also welcomes residents from many Asian, African, and Western nations. While much of Malawi’s economy is agricultural, it is also a nation of young people with nearly 80% of Malawians under the age of 35. Malawi suffers from high unemployment and low opportunity for young people. Women, children, and many disabled people are marginalized, hidden, and oppressed. Poverty in Malawi is suffocating and yet, when we focus on empowerment, Malawians rise above their circumstances and become difference makers. Spiritually, Malawi is still unreached, with high amounts of spiritual confusion due to syncretism, however, Malawi’s greatest need spiritually is authentic “gospel living” and true disciple making.

Our purpose is to “Transform Malawi One life at a Time”. This means that our approach to life and ministry is highly relational. We seek to help each person God puts in front of us to take one step closer to Jesus and empower people to make a difference through their gifts and passions. We do this through internships, leadership development, education, vocational training, women’s empowerment, and youth outreach ministries of many different kinds. God has also opened a door for us to empower vulnerable refugees through vocational training and Leadership Development at Dzaleka Refugee Camp just outside of Lilongwe which hosts 60,000 refugees from sub-Saharan Africa.

We are looking for persons, with a heart for the vulnerable and a deep faith in Christ, who can join us in walking beside and mentoring young people as leaders helping us establish environments for growing transformational leaders among vulnerable refugees at the refugee camp and vulnerable peoples in Lilongwe.


People applying for this opportunity should be relational, and enjoy walking alongside others and helping them grow. They need to be a self-starter, teachable, and be able to thrive working as a part of a team. Being a learner and having a humble posture in relationships is a huge asset to working and serving here in Malawi. Flexibility is a must and there will be an expectation that the applicants will have a willingness to learn local culture and willingly enter into language learning.

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