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The city has a population of at least 20 million, and is the cultural and economic center of the
nation and surrounding region. The city is both secular and Islamic, Western and Middle

Fleeing from war, oppression, and poverty, hundreds of thousands of people from the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa risk their lives in the hopes of a reaching the West and a better tomorrow. The vast majority of these refugees pass through our city – the singular geographical point where the refugee highway converges. There are hundreds of thousands of refugees in the city. Not only are they strangers in a foreign land without a voice, reputation, rights, identity, status, or home, but they are also oppressed, vulnerable, exploited, trapped, in poverty, and invisible. In addition, many are Muslims who do not know Christ, have never heard the Gospel, and have never been exposed to the Scriptures or a genuine Christian. They are coming from countries most closed to the Gospel, but as refugees, we find that many are remarkably open. It is during this unique openness that many have their first and only opportunity to hear the Gospel and experience wholeness and the fullness found in Christ.

We exist to catalyze church planting movements (CPMs) amongst the oppressed in our city and to the ends of the earth. "A CPM is a rapidly reproducing movement of disciples making new disciples, of leaders equipping new leaders, and of churches planting new indigenous churches, which transforms individuals, families, and communities by the power of the Holy Spirit within a population group - a people group, city, province, or nation" (Nyman, J., Stubborn Perseverance, 2017).

We use a Four Fields CPM framework in order to hone in on high impact activities which God has been using to lead to movement: (1) entry, (2) evangelism, (3) discipleship, (4) church, and (5) leadership development. Because each of these activities must be highly repeatable, we equip every believer with simple, biblical, and transferable tools so that they can not only competently and confidently engage in, but also train others in each activity.

We strive to equip every believer to become a church planter and for every church to become a reproducing church. Though we seek to equip as many believers as possible, provide ministry opportunities, and release authority, we use a filtering process to highly invest in seminal believers who demonstrate themselves to be obedient, faithful, fruitful, and adopt a CPM vision.

We mobilize communities, churches, and walk alongside pastors to equip their people to become ministers. We prioritize developing national leaders by creating and fostering contexts for their emergence at every level of the CPM process.

We seek God to actualize several streams of 4th generation indigenous churches in every key district where refugees congregate. Additionally, we seek Him to raise up coalitions of national believers who own a CPM vision to reach their specific people group in their district, city, region, country, and their home country.

Throughout the process, as opportunities arise we assess and leverage individual/family resources to empower people out of poverty and into wholeness of life. We strive for long-term empowerment, not short-term relief.


Ministry experience serving with NoPlaceLeft ( Familiarity with and competence in CPM principles (i.e. Four Fields, Training for Trainers "T4T").

Core characteristics and competencies that will thrive on our team:
enjoys pioneering new endeavors
embraces a "fail forward" mindset (not afraid to try something new and fail)
able to learn as you go
starting something new is energizing
not afraid to challenge the status quo
innovative for new approaches and solutions
vision-driven – operate in ways that get you towards your end view
visionary thinking and motivation
able to inspire and cast vision for a cause
comfortable crossing boundaries
evangelistic – effective communicator of truth, bold, and zealous for advocating the Gospel
mobilizes/recruits a community towards a cause (able to gather a community)
entrepreneurial interests to build reproducing communities of faith
imparts ideas and principles

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