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Mexico is a country with a highly syncretistic religious base. By far, most Mexicans would say that they celebrate the Catholic faith. Many of those would be even more passionate about the virgin of Guadalupe - the Mexican version of the Virgin Mary. The Catholic Church is known for superimposing its system over the beliefs already present in the regions they converted. True to form, Mexico was not truly ‘Catholicized’. Instead, Catholicism was ‘Mexicanized’. This left a complicated and intricate system of spiritism and paganism thinly whitewashed with the shroud of Catholicism. Most don’t understand that this is a problem and while many see hypocrisy in their system of religion, they do not know where to turn or what it is that is wrong. Most of us in America have the misconceived notion that with Mexico being our closest neighbor to the south, the gospel must be very strong there. Conservative, Bible believing Christ followers are actually in the extreme minimum. Depending upon your personal definition of the word conservative, the number of true disciples is likely less than two percent. Into this setting, Avant Ministries sends church planting personnel with the goal of expanding His word among the unreached. Our team in Amealco, Queretaro is planting a church that we hope will, in turn, plant other churches. We also run a Coffee Shop, Community Center, Self-defense and Group Fitness Gym, and a Trade School among other ministries. Our goal is to produce true disciples through His power that in turn produce more disciples in our town and around the world. Goer will work alongside our team in current projects while also building the deep relationships with locals that are key to gain the trust necessary to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministries in Amealco are each designed to create spaces for good conversation and true discipleship.


Skills that would be helpful: Flexibility A willingness to shadow and learn from the onsite missionaries - We will learn together, but you must first learn the local context before you can properly share your wisdom and perspectives. English teachers and other special skills that can be transformed into teaching opportunities at the Community Center. Training in Jiu Jitsu Intermediate to high level of Spanish

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