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Children's Literacy Advocate

Just a short drive from Bulgaria’s Balkan Mountains you will find the little village of Tulovo. Made up of about 1,300 people the population is evenly split between ethnic Bulgarians and Roma peoples. Many of the ethnic Bulgarians are culturally Bulgarian Orthodox, like most of the country. On the other side of the village, in the Roma quarter is a small, unassuming building which is home to the Evangelical church which is predominantly attended by Roma. They meet twice a week for services and over the last years the church has seen growth and is looking for a larger space in which to meet!

Bulgarians are people of faith, with about 85% of the population claiming Eastern Orthodoxy as their faith. A large majority of these are nominal adherents, rarely stepping inside the church. Protestants, on the other hand, make up just over one percent of the population. The need is great for people to show a practical faith in Jesus Christ, then invite others to follow Him.

In the center of the village you’ll find The Gathering Place, our ministry center. It is within this building where most of our meetings and ministries take place with gatherings going on most days of the week. God has put so many gifts into the young people and adults here and there is a great need for people to help and support them in their development as believers and leaders.

We see literacy as a foundational issue in the community, especially among Roma children and adults. Yet, our progress toward improving literacy and educational engagement has been limited. We are seeking a Children’s Literacy Advocate who can focus on this important issue. He or she would connect with the preschool, local school, and high school with the goal of planning and implementing programs that support children in successfully navigating and benefitting more fully from the educational institutions and services available. This is a new role and there is flexibility for it to grow according to the gifts and passions of the Goer.


A passion and love for working with children

A background in education, psychology, or social work would be preferable

Experience and ability to work and organize others

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