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Viento Fresco is a faith-based, non-profit children’s center located in a hard-hit sector of Medellin, Colombia, serving approximately 200 children and their families daily from Monday through Friday. Our clients are the poor, the displaced (many from other regions of Colombia, or Venezuela), the homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes, gang members, and their children. For years the neighborhood of Viento Fresco has been famous for the works of the enemy, specifically drugs, prostitution and witchcraft. However, at Viento Fresco we believe that God has other plans for this neighborhood and its inhabitants, and that His plans are for Peace, Purity and the Power of the Holy Spirit! The children at Viento Fresco receive more than 75% of their daily nutrition at the center, and many times, if their parents don’t bring them in, the children simply don’t eat. In addition to nutrition, we also provide the following services to the children and their families: free, loving, and Christ-centered preschool education to 100 high-risk children; all-day care, age-appropriate education and nutrition for twenty babies; an elementary school program for children ages 6-10, where they receive training in the arts, sports, tutoring, Bible classes, nutrition and more; and a discipleship-based soccer program for boys and girls ages 7-16. The Foundation is growing at a tremendous rate, and with our current personnel we are unable to keep up with the demand. Colombians are very open to receiving the Gospel, so this is a situation in which the harvest is truly very great, but the workers are few. Goers can serve in the following areas: babies, children ages 2-5, elementary kids, music, arts, sports (especially soccer), languages, computer skills, kitchen help, maintenance, administrative help, etc. In addition, the first full-time care center for 12 children is scheduled to open in early 2018. Opportunities to serve here include caring for children, kitchen help, bus driver, agriculture (we have 6 acres of beautiful land that is easy to grow crops on), animal farming, teachers (we plan to run a virtual school there), arts, etc.


Because our work is so broad, and there are so many areas in which we need help, the only skills we ask for are the following: FLEXIBILITY (this is the #1 requirement in missions), a desire to learn and to serve, humility, and a desire to know God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit deeper and more intimately. Spanish skills are VERY helpful, but not 100% necessary (depending on the position).

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