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Significant factors make Ecuador a key location for goers to take action, particularly in the area of modern day slavery. With its open borders, Ecuador is a source, transit and destination country for sex trafficking. Poverty, corruption, unemployment and lack of education are prevalent, increasing the high risk for sexual exploitation. But Jesus came to proclaim freedom for the captives, to bind up the broken hearted, and to bring reconciliation and renewal!

Through relational ministry, intentionally and respectfully demonstrating the love of Christ who loved us first, this team is helping youth and families at risk experience the transforming power of life in Jesus Christ as they respond to the issue of modern day slavery, poverty and oppression. In 2011, a woman from Holland had a dream to help young women coming out of these vulnerable situations in Quito, Ecuador. That was the start of End Slavery Ministries Ecuador. Now, in 2019, we have four thriving programs that focus on providing transformational relationships and support to this population of beautiful people and their families.

Casa Adalia is a home in Ecuador where women who have been rescued from modern day slavery - or are at risk of being trafficked - can experience emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Esperanzart is a jewelry workshop for the women that serves as occupational therapy, professional development and a first step toward healthy employment in the future. Caminos de Libertad is a nonresidential program focused on providing support as women from the same backgrounds live in the community and are facing the realities of life daily. Amadas is an outreach to people currently in legal street prostitution where a group of volunteers consistently show God's love through building friendships.

We are seeking someone who desires to make a difference in the lives of single moms and their children. You would help care for children infant-age on up while working with the single moms to guide them in areas of nutrition, safety, intentional play, assembling helpful resources, and more. You would be an integral part of the staff, helping with the daily schedule, providing feedback on how the women and children are bonding, and seeking opportunities to impact them for Christ.

  • *This position is for Women Only
  • Proficient in Spanish: minimum intermediate proficiency level (or basic Spanish with the willingness to meet with a tutor regularly in order to advance).
  • Experience working with infants and young children, caring for them and helping to provide a nurturing environment. 
  • Good team player who works well with people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures.
  • Able to facilitate cognitive and educational development.
  • Able to work with single mothers from difficult backgrounds and assist them in learning about intentional play, developmental milestones, basic first aid, nutrition, and other important aspects of parenting which they may not have learned from their own parents.
  • Understands the vulnerability of the women in our care and keeps strict confidence of their stories except for sharing with the Director and staff as needed.
  • CPR certification preferred, though not strictly required.

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