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This country in Central Asia is sometimes called the “Poor Man’s Switzerland” due to the beautiful mountains that cover much of the country. As the poorest country of the former Soviet Union, the needs are great both in development, and spiritually as most people seek to fill their need for God by moving further and further toward Islam.

Our team in Central Asia is focused on working to facilitate multiplication of disciples and disciple making groups and developing businesses for transformation. Anyone who joins our team would be learning principles of disciple multiplication, and be expected to spend significant time in prayer - focused both on worship and interceding for Father to do what only he can in Central Asia. They would also have several language lessons per week learning a Central Asian language (similar to Farsi), and would have a variety of opportunities to join in prayer walks, village visits, and other efforts to build relationships and seek those who God is drawing and are open to hearing more about God’s redemptive plan through Jesus.

Through the power of God, we have been able to establish and expand a busy medical clinic (initially starting eye care, but has now expanding to other specialties) with four international physicians and several local doctors and trainees, as well as other staff. The clinic was started in 2011 by physicians with little business experience and while we have learned a lot, our time is limited for the business aspects of running the clinic.

We are in need of a young business minded, prayerful person who can come alongside our team, local director and accountant to assist in the assessments needed to expand the business wisely. Involvement in grant and loan requests would also likely be involved. We are also beginning to facilitate kingdom business training with local believers and would love to have more people to walk alongside them.


The person coming should have an interest in business for transformation and education or some experience in business.

The person coming should be flexible, prepared to learn language (and have a good sense of humor as they do), and they should have a commitment to prayer and openness to live out and share their love for God.

Willingness to intentionally build relationships for evangelism and discipleship is valuable.

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