Business Specialist for Ministry to the Marginalized

As a geographical and cultural crossroads, Greece has risen as a strategic place for the trafficking and exploitation of men and women into the sex worker industry. Men and women caught in cycles of abuse and desperation are pushed further into the margins of society by the work that they engage in on the streets and in the many brothels of Athens. Often uneducated and lacking other employment options, even if they want to break the chains of their past in favor of new life, it would be hard to find a way to support themselves and their families once off the streets. Included in this population is a group of already marginalized transgender sex workers that feel no other options but to continue in the life of prostitution.

Our team in Athens operates a training and employment business that teaches women coming out of prostitution how to sew while going through a holistic development program. At the completion of this training program these women are employed to make bags and household items that are sold by the business. We are also preparing to expand our business as ministry of hope by opening a café and meeting space that will provide opportunities for further training and employment to the transgender community in Athens.

Goers in this position would come alongside the current training and employment business to serve in the ways their gifts and skills allow.


Experience in marketing or business finance, design experience, barista and/or sewing, customer service and training, ability to pick up languages quickly would all be helpful skills for this placement.

We are also looking for someone with a heart for these marginalized populations and a desire to participate in holistic development.

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