Autism Therapist

Mexico is a country of bright colors, beautiful traditions, and a heavy emphasis on family and community. Right in the middle of the country is the city of Querétaro, a historic city, located two-and-a-half hours from Mexico City. It is a destination for many families fleeing the insecurity and craziness of the metropolis. But Querétaro has its own problems, such as poverty and a rapidly changing value system.

On the outskirts of Querétaro, in the neighborhood of San Andres, there is a school for children on the autism spectrum. These children and their families live in a culture where there is very limited awareness and knowledge of what autism really is. As a result, the parents struggle to find community and compassion, even, at times, within their own family. They also struggle to build a sustainable future for their special ones in a place where resources and support structures are scarce.

The team in the San Andres neighborhood of Querétaro, Mexico is looking for team members to help them serve people on the autism spectrum and their families, bettering their lives through much-needed therapy and through sharing the gospel! The ministry therapist is someone who will assist the administration at the school with keeping up to date in the area of ABA (applied behavioral analysis), providing guidance in behavioral therapy, and suggesting other therapies as they are available. They will also be an assistant therapist in one of the classes at the Institution Ana Cristina and will help with coordinating our groups. In addition, they will help us direct new disciples into a community of faith.

Do you desire to see people transformed by God's power? Do you have experience in Applied Behavioral Analysis and a love of Latino culture? If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of people with special needs, this is the place for you!


Should have a degree in one of the following:
Behavior Analysis Psychology Education

Be certified in one of the following:
Registered behavior technician (RBT)
Board certified assistant behavior analyst (BCaBA)

Intermediate/Advanced level Spanish is necessary

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