Arabic Language Study and Ministry Exploration

As the heart of this Northeast African nation, this city is a vibrant, exhilarating, exotic, fascinating, and welcoming place. Home to some of the most ancient civilizations on earth, this city is punctuated by incredible, half-forgotten (and other more famous) monuments of the past. One force above all others, however, has shaped this city and nation more than anything else in the last thousand years -- the religion of Islam. As the cries for change have echoed across the Arab world, the discontent lying under the surface in this society has become quite evident. People need Jesus more than a political revolution.

As one of only a few remaining countries in which it is still fairly easy to enter as a tourist, the doors of this Arab land are not tightly shut to outside influence. Even so, in this city of nearly 20 million people, the vast majority are Muslims who have not yet had a chance to meaningfully hear the Good News about Jesus. As an Arabic language student, Goers will have the opportunity to enter into relationships naturally during the course of their study, allowing them to share the Gospel. Arabic language study is not only a legitimate means for obtaining a visa in this country, it is also a powerful platform for ministry.

As Goers' Arabic fluency increases during their time of service, they will, along with more experienced team members, also be able to engage in other means of evangelism and discipleship, including university outreach, English language teaching and advocacy for the nearly two million refugees from a nearby war-torn country.


A clear or growing call to work with people of the Majority religion or of that particular nationality.

Attitude of a learner

Flexibility, strong faith, and ability to use discipleship and devotional practices for your own growth and maturing in relationship with your team mates.

Comfortable with geographic distance between teammates.

Willingness to learn about and apply DMM (Disciple Making Movements) strategies.


Prior experience in outreach of some kind.

Exposure to DMM and/or DBS (Discovery Bible Study) strategies.

Placement Details

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North East Africa
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