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Allied Health Volunteer(PT, OT, ST, Social Work, Spec-Ed)

This team serves in a city in China of 8 million people. China's one-child policy, the pressure to provide for his/her parents in their old age, and a worldview that doesn't see every life as valuable has led to an orphan crisis, especially for those born with special needs. Furthermore, families that do keep their children with disabilities have very few services to care for and assist them.

An incredibly strategic door has opened for gospel workers to care for the least of these and model the redemptive and adoptive power of the Gospel to a country and people without the hope of Christ. This team partners closely with a Christian medical organization that ministers to orphans in the province. Some of their ministries include regular visits to four different orphanages and foster care. Currently, 20 children have been placed in Christian homes, with half of those being Chinese families. Another partner organization ministers to families with disabilities. The children in each of these ministries have special needs, including cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, blindness, and developmental delays.

Goers from the allied health professions can help these children get physical, occupational, and speech therapy as well as special education help. In the mornings, Goers will attend classes at a local university to study Chinese. In the afternoons, evening, and weekends, Goers there would serve with their professional skills in the orphanages or the current foster families. Join in the vision to mobilize the church to care for orphans through leading by example. Through the work of this strategic ministry, the lives of orphans, foster parents, and those in the foster parents community are being transformed. Will you join this battle?


Some level of medical experience/education in the allied health field

Willingness to learn and practice and adapt to the local needs and situations

Team player, willing to work well with others toward goals and respect team and leadership decisions

This placement will not provide the supervised hours necessary for continuing on into further education

A strong commitment to the Lord

A willingness to study Chinese

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East Asia
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