Agriculture/Biology Specialist

With over 50 million people living in this area, the province of East Java has had a chronic shortage of work, resulting in high unemployment, particularly in rural areas. In developing areas such as this one, agricultural production remains a significant sector of the economy with millions of rural families depending upon income from agriculture. The Boaz Project aims to create sustainable jobs in rural areas by producing dried tropical fruit.

This project makes a significant impact in the community! Jobs created from this initiative allow families in the community to buy more nutritious foods for their children, enable them to pay for education to give their children a better future, and turn their hopes and dreams for their families into reality. For that reason, Goers in this position will have ample opportunities to contribute to nationals where interventions currently exist. Goers will also help the team to have ongoing credibility in some of the hardest to reach places of this majority Muslim country!

Goers in this position should have an enduring interest in a field related to agriculture, including botany, horticulture, microbiology, animal science, etc. Under the supervision of experienced leaders, Goers will work to address poverty, create value, and enhance the welfare of individuals, groups, and communities in the context of agribusiness by learning about and effectively addressing agricultural matters like those listed above.


Prior experience in agriculture is a plus, but not necessary. However, it is important to have a background in a relevant field and to have some experience in discipling others.

Also, the position requires a person who is willing to grow in four important competencies: ministry skills among hard-to-reach people, language skills, technical skills, and ministry partner development.

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