Agricultural Development Specialist

Uganda is a small country in East Africa but hosts the beginning of the longest river in the world; the Nile. It sits at the top of Lake Victoria and is green and lush year-round. Uganda has rolling green hills and low wetlands, and a lot of corn and rice is grown there. Uganda is on the equator but where we have our ministry center the temperature is moderate as it is at 3,500 feet elevation. Uganda is beautiful and green, yet people are starving - both physically and spiritually.

At the New Life Ministry Center in rural Bulesa, Uganda, our ministry focuses on meeting these two needs by: 1.) Teaching skills to vulnerable teen girls who have dropped out of elementary school and 2.) Teaching the Bible. The ministry center boasts 42 acres of fertile land that is currently being used to grow corn and beans, the main staple of the Ugandan diet, to offset the cost of running such a large ministry center. This team is in urgent need of someone to help develop the new ministry center farm to do more than just grow corn and beans.

The Agricultural Development Specialist would work alongside national partners to develop our 42 acres into a productive farm to help the ministry center become more self-sustaining, as well as be a place where local farmers can come and be trained on how to be more productive farmers themselves. We are looking for someone with a real passion for farming and for helping our ministry to become self-sustaining. With 50 girls in boarding, plus staff, Bible trainings, etc. the largest cost is food! We need a driven and self-motivated person who would love to take on our farm and help it become more productive. We have only farmed 10 acres of it so far this past year and we hope to expand our farm to more acres and more products. We would also love to develop some specialty cash crops to help off-set our ministry costs.

We are looking for someone to help manage some or all of the following: • Grow corn and beans (and other crops as well) • Develop cash crops and find markets in which to sell them • Raise cows, goats and chickens • Develop demonstration garden plots to be used to teach ministry center students as well as local farmers sustainable farming practices and techniques • Teach animal husbandry to ministry center students and members of the community


QUALIFICATIONS: Goers serving in this pioneering ministry need to:
• Be a mature believer and follower of Jesus Christ
• Posses a Bachelor’s degree
• Have a background in agriculture or animal science
• Be able to “feed” yourself spiritually and exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit
• Have a love for the lost, the church, and for their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ
• Be able to work well with others
• Be able to teach
• Be teachable
• Be flexible
• Be able to live in a rural area and work cross-culturally with people from the villages
• Have experience working in ministry (volunteering at church, leading Bible studies, etc.)
• Have a strong Biblical background (Been in the church and Bible studies for many years or have Biblical training)

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