Advent Coordinator

Santiago de Compostela is a historic city that is the physical, emotional, and spiritual heart of Galicia, an autonomous community within Spain. Galicia is the home of a unique people group with it’s own language. It is also like much of Europe and Spain, with a deep Catholic history, but a context that is now more post-modern and post-christian. It is also one of the rainiest cities in Europe, which helps keep the mountainous region green and beautiful, with beautiful rugged Atlantic coastline. Santiago has many people working to transform their community; the problem is they are largely doing it alone -- without true community and without Jesus. This leaves the city without visible examples of what a follower of Jesus looks like and the community of His church. We want to be a city set on a hill where all people can see and experience the presence of the divine in time and space. We want to be intentional about creating spaces for people to enter into the presence of God, not simply events which they attend. The role of the Advent Coordinator is to create by taking ideas, questions, or needs and making them into experiences for people to come into. The two specific places this is envisioned will include, but is not only limited to, helping run workshops and helping manage short-term teams experiences. Expectations of this role: - Experience in event planning and marketing - Liaise with local vendors, business owners, churches, organizations, etc. - Manage setup and tear down of temporary events - Manage and lead Short-Term Teams - Coordinate various learning experiences for locals and visiting foreigners


-Handle expectations, requirements, and budgets of each initiative -Well-organized and able to multi-task -Strong management and communication skills, business training and background helpful, but not required -Language aptitude and/or proficiency in Spanish -Experience with event planning

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