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Italy is famous for its art, architecture, food and design. Visitors come from all over the world to see the iconic Tuscan countryside or the canals of Venice. There is so much for a tourist to enjoy. But what about the hearts of the people? What about the spiritual plight of the Italian soul? A 2016 survey of 1,500 Italians found that, surprisingly, only 16% are practicing Catholics, attending some kind of religious function more than once a month. 20% self identify as "atheist." 64% do not affiliate with any particular religious community. Young Sicilians see religious tradition as a quaint part of their cultural heritage but having little to do with everyday life. This team’s vision is to see a new generation of Gospel-centered churches established in Sicily that free people from fear, traditionalism, and superstition to live out their faith each day. This summer, Fusion Athletics was established - a multi-discipline athletic association that promotes Biblical values through the practice of sports. As a legally recognized sports association in Italy, Fusion Athletics serves as an evangelistic platform giving this team and the new church plant in Messina access to public spaces such as city parks and local schools. They participate in city wide events such as the Messina Marathon, organize youth sports camps and clinics, and host soccer tournaments at their field. Young Sicilians see organized religion as a negative influence in the world, having no relevance to their everyday lives. But Goers in this position will be able to introduce Sicilians to Jesus, make disciples and facilitate local church growth all through the fun of sports.


A love for sports, Experience working with kids, preferably in youth sports, Self-starter, Adventurous, Committed to evangelizing Roman Catholics

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