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GoCorps is a trusted partner for campus, church and ministry leaders who want to cultivate a culture of global involvement and send a new kind of missionary! We don't want to takeaway from your ministry. Instead, we help you engage and mobilize a greater number of your students... the ones who don’t see themselves as the 'typical missionary' type.


Andrew Knight

Campus Outreach

“I have known Paul and GoCorps for the past five years and recommend his integrity, vision, opportunities, and serving-oriented heart without reservation. Our graduates have been prepared and mobilized to overseas locations under the care of his staff and leadership and have gained invaluable overseas missions and ministry experience.”

Tiffany Horton

University of Mary Hardin Baylor, Global Outreach Director

“It has been a huge blessing to partner with GoCorps. They have been instrumental in helping us launch our new Global Outreach program through helping us design our philosophy of sending students around the world to speaking at our debrief dinner. They help make dreams possible. We would not be able to launch this year without their help.”

David Kline

Huntington University, UB Global Associate Director

"Working with GoCorps was a great experience! Paul and his staff came ready to engage and have focused conversations with students. Their intentionality produced one of the most interactive and productive mission emphasis weeks we have experienced. Thanks!"

David Bosworth

Colorado Christian University, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies and Mission

“We live in a day when missional options for college graduates are bountiful, but short. With mobilization of long term cross-cultural workers declining, it is of the utmost importance that we encourage students into a meaningful mid-term experiences. GoCorps provides the framework to ignite student passion and actuate opportunity, serving as a vital link in connecting campus structures with sending entities. As graduates and mission organizations develop partnerships through GoCorps, I am confident that kingdom work will be advanced.”

Paul Eddy

Bethel University, Professor of Theology

“I have had the privilege of regularly having a GoCorps representative speak in my university classes for several years now. GoCorps days are always an exciting chance for my students to hear about unique opportunities to put their faith, gifts, and new degrees into action for the kingdom of God. Simply put: GoCorps rocks!”

Ryan Akers

Campus Outreach, Mobilization Director

“Campus Outreach has been working to send college graduates to their most strategic places of service for the Great Commission. In doing this, we have discovered a huge need to have opportunities for these grads to minister overseas using their majors and desired career fields. GoCorps has been an answered prayer to this need! We have loved our partnership with GoCorps and are excited to see the Lord build His kingdom through this partnership!”

Case Study - Azusa Pacific University

"And then we found GoCorps! GoCorps has been a natural fit for our HIS years program.  GoCorps is helping us bridge short-term missions to global next steps!"

– Matt Browning, Founder, HISyears Senior Cohort


One thing a lot of people don’t know about APU is that we have a huge short term missions program. Every year, we help over 5000 high school and college students engage in cross cultural missions on the border of Mexico and California. Our Center for Student Action helps 200+ more students a year do short-term missions all over. And we have over 300 students each year who participate in a study abroad program.

About 10 years ago, we realized we needed to do more to help our graduating seniors connect their major and their global experience with their first step after college. So we created the HIS years global cohort program. Seniors can apply for HIS years in the Fall of their senior year. HIS years does a weekend retreat and then has weekly meetings in the second semester centered on helping seniors connect with and prepare for a two year missions placement.

Early on, we found that we didn’t have the time to find the kinds of global placements that our seniors need. We had lots of students in our HIS years cohort, but the missions agencies would take years to get them through the process. And then we found GoCorps! GoCorps has been a natural fit for our HIS years program. In fact, now all of our HIS years students are placed exclusively through GoCorps.

GoCorps has helped us take a vision to see a lot more of our grads to serve in missions after graduation by providing ways that students can use their degree, be mentored as well as receive special funding for their student loans. So far, we’ve placed 100 students to use their degree among the unreached for two years. And we’re just getting started. And we’re so glad that we have a partner in GoCorps to help us achieve our vision! 

  - Matt Browning, Director of Graduate and Professional Student Engagement, Azusa Pacific University


Case Study - Campus Outreach Minneapolis

"GoCorps has brought awareness in a new way to our students. They have come alongside what we’re already trying to do, rather than asking us to recreate new programming."

– Reid and Nikki Jilek, North Area Directors, Campus Outreach Minneapolis


Our mission at Campus Outreach is: “Glorifying God by building laborers on the college campus for the lost world.” Through evangelism and discipleship, we want to help students build foundation of the gospel and use that as a tool to help them reach the lost world. We want them to understand that whatever their major and wherever God would lead the, they have a part to play in the Great Commission We always want to make sure they understand that the gospel works in them first, and then through them in the pursuit of the lost world. The purpose of Campus Outreach Minneapolis is to reach the world for Christ by mobilizing laborers to proclaim the Gospel throughout the world. Our vision is that trained graduates would provide leadership in every sphere of influence )the church, medicine, community, business, education, missions, etc.) at home and around the world.

GoCorps has a great range of options for students to use their gifts, skills and majors in a cross-cultural context overseas, which is beautiful. It’s not just as simple as saying “go be a missionary” but to educate the students to use the gifts God has given them. What is unique about GoCorps is that they provide the opportunities and work in partnership with us to fulfill the last part of our mission statement: “for the lost world”. GoCorps comes alongside us to say “here are some unique opportunities for your students to use their gifts to reach the lost world.”

We have specifically seen 7 students sent out through GoCorps over the past 2 years as a direct result of this partnership. Many were participating in Bible studies and other discipleship activities on two of our campuses. As a result of this partnership, GoCorps has brought awareness in a new way to our students. They have come alongside what we’re already trying to do, rather than asking us to recreate new programming. They are not trying to add things to our campus calendar but asking what we are already doing and working with us to flavor it with a global focus. GoCorps’ posture is clearly one of “how can we help”, and they want to help our students find their place, even if it’s not directly with GoCorps. GoCorps serves to fan into flame God’s calling for their life, and it’s clear the goal is to not force someone where God isn’t already calling them but to create awareness where students don’t already know about these types of options. Simply put, GoCorps is extending our ministries’ reach to those in the lost world and we are encouraged to see this partnership grow.

  – Reid and Nikki Jilek, North Area Directors, Campus Outreach Minneapolis


GoCorps helps leaders to mobilize the 98% who don’t feel called to career missions. Are you ready to talk to one of our mobilizers about how we can help you make two years of global service and missions the new norm in your ministry?

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