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Where can students find global opportunities that allow them to use and gain experience in their degree?

>> The Problem:  Most global opportunities are not entry level.  Because global corporations and NGOs are looking for candidates that can begin making an impact on Day 1, they require fluency in a foreign language and multiple years of living overseas and job experience, making them beyond reach for recent grads. 

>> Our Answer:  GoCorps finds entry-level positions that are a hybrid of marketplace impact and Christian discipleship and ministry.  All placements are serving alongside long-term mission teams, with mentoring in cross-cultural communication, language acquisition and ‘living overseas 101.’  Our placements are a great way to gain real experience using your degree, but also be developed in living missionally and the many soft skills of working in the marketplace.

“We live in a day when missional options for college graduates are bountiful, but short. With mobilization of long term cross-cultural workers declining, it is of the utmost importance that we encourage students into a meaningful mid-term experiences. GoCorps provides the framework to ignite student passion and actuate opportunity, serving as a vital link in connecting campus structures with sending entities. As graduates and mission organizations develop partnerships through GoCorps, I am confident that kingdom work will be advanced.”

David Bosworth

Colorado Christian University, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies and Mission


  1. Invite a GoCorps to your class -  One of our staff or a Goer alum can join your class on Zoom, or even better, in person!  We can do a 4 minute intro (great for classes of underclassmen) or a 10 minute presentation (great for classes with upperclassmen).  Our presentations are customized to the academic department.  For example, when presenting in Business/Econ classes, we'll specifically address how students are using their degree through our business track placements.  Use the button to request a GoCorps rep to come to your class.  
    Highlights of 10 min presentation:
    1. A short video
    2. Global Christians and Global Citizens – We serve a global God and we are called to be Global Christians 
    3. Use Your Degree – The best way to serve is to do something your are good at and can make a difference
    4. Why Not Go? – This is your most mobile season in life, why not give 2 years to global service
    5. How GoCorps works and our $5000 loan forgiveness program and Q&A
  2. Share GoCorps opportunities in your class without a rep - One of the best ways for university students and graduating seniors to learn about how they can use their degree globally is by you, their professor, to make a simple class announcement.  See below for how you could effectively introduce GoCorps to your students through a class announcement.
  3. Email a Promo to your Students - Sending out an email with a link to this page is also a great way to connect your students.  

How to Promote GoCorps in Your Class

You can do your own promo of GoCorps without a GoCorps rep!  Here's one way to do it:

  1. Show a GoCorps video - The GoCorps 101 page is all you need!  It has three video options for you to play:  The 2-minute 'Tithe Your Career' intro, an 8-minute ‘how we got here’ story of two of our Goers, or the 4 minute '101' explainer.  Even better, for 3 classes in a row, start your class with a little pitch to encourage your class to think globally for their next step and show one video each class!
  2. Share from your heart - why do you think your students should consider using their degree in a missions context for a couple of years as their first step after college?
  3. Share how GoCorps placements is unique:
    1. Entry-level ways to use their degree
    2. Live on mission and in community
    3. $5,000 Student Debt Assistance
    4. Mentoring
  4. Highly encourage them to use the QR code on the GoCorps 101 page to get in touch with GoCorps, receive coupon codes and alerts when a rep is coming to campus.

“We created the Student Debt Assistance program to help students who have student loans!  Our one of a kind program allows students to make their minimum payments while they serve, and at the end of their two year placement they receive $5,000 paid to the principal of their student loans!  This means that Goers who serve through GoCorps pay down their loans more than students who go into marketplace positions!”
- Paul Van Der Werf, Founder, GoCorps

How GoCorps works - GoCorps placements are entry-level positions for recent grads.  

Year 1  is focused on culture and language learning, and developing cross-cultural competency and communication skills.  

Year 2 allows students to take on leadership responsibilities and build on the language and relationships that were developed in their first year.

After their 2 years, our Goers have all the options on the table... marketplace, global, grad school or ministry!  They have two years of cross-cultural living experience, practical real world job experience in their major, many 'out of their comfort zone' experiences and stories, and life-long friendships.  

GoCorps placements are designed for globally-minded Christians who want to make a difference, grow in their faith and use their unique background and skill-set.

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