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The world needs a new kind of missionary and 20-somethings are uniquely positioned to answer the call.  We are a mobilization and placement agency that partners with church, campus and ministry leaders toward the vision that two years of global service and missions would be the new norm for Christians after college. 

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How You Can Partner with GoCorps


Connect with a Mobilizer

Let us help you create a wholistic incremental involvement plan specific to the strengths and context of your ministry.  The Goal: Mobilizing all of your students to global involvement, not just the missions or ministry minded ones.


Get Tools

Get tools and resources from GoCorps and our mission and mobilization partners to cultivate a culture of global involvement and two years of global service and mission after college.


Teach and Cast Vision

Lay a foundation with the biblical basis of missions and the unique role recent grads have to play and regularly invite students to deeper involvement.  Utilize our resources... Our staff and speakers are ready to help you!


Launch Well

Establish specific events and programs as on-ramps for upper classmen to prepare your juniors, seniors and recent grads to transition well and be sent globally from your ministry.

“No collegiate leader has enough time or bandwidth to do everything! Effective leaders focus on their strengths and find partners and allies to help them accomplish the big dreams and visions they have for their students. For over a decade, collegiate leaders have relied on GoCorps to provide a carefully curated list of vetted organizations and global placements for their graduating seniors and young adults. We help leaders to mobilize the 98% who don’t feel called to career missions. We’d love to talk to you about your dreams for your ministry and campus!”
- Paul Van Der Werf, Executive Director, GoCorps

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Our #1 Mobilization Tool

The most value added resource that we can offer you is our Placement List. This list takes months of work and contains 100+ opportunities where recent grads can join long-term teams and projects to put their degrees and passions to work while serving and growing in mission. Each partner org is carefully vetted and each placement is selected based on the criteria of an experienced and pastoral team leader, a healthy team, a strategic project with proven results and a commitment from the team and leader to invest in the Goers that join their team.

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Tools and Resources

We help you to engage students who normally wouldn’t see themselves in the ministry or missions track!  Our team has created these twelve resources to help more of your students find their place in God’s global work. Together, we strengthen your efforts to make your ministry globally minded and involved. Let us help you by equipping and partnering with you in these ways:

1. The Placement List - 100+ vetted placements for grads to use their degree globally.  This is our #1 mobilization resource for you and your students!

The GoCorps Placement List contains two year opportunities for recent grads to use their degree, be mentored and live on mission alongside long-term teams. We handpick each team as we find the ‘missionary yodas’ out there: gifted and experienced team leaders with a vision for mentoring young ‘skywalkers’ in living and serving globally!
This coaching tool is an interactive way for students to do a guided self evaluation and inventory of their values, risk tolerance and understanding of their spiritual gifts and calling. In the end, students are challenged to find the sweet spot of where all of these intersect and given practical next step application points. Our mobilizers have done these 45 minute sessions with hundreds of students!
Explore Global covers four primary concepts over four one on one sessions with a GoCorps staff member. 1) The mission of God from Genesis to Revelation, 2) The current status of God’s mission around the world, 3) discovering the gifts, passions and skillsets that God has given a student and 4) how a student can find their place in God’s global work through the over 100 placements that GoCorps provides. This course is especially good for juniors, seniors and recent grads.
We love exhorting students to lift their eyes to the global harvest and find their specific place in God’s global work. Our specialties include the Biblical Basis (Genesis to Revelation!) of Missions, the Unreached and Don’t Waste Your 20s themes.
This is the deepest and most direct program that you could create to give your students an on-ramp in their year of transition (second semester senior year to the first six months after graduation.) GoCorps Cohort utilizes community, connections and equipping to help students successfully find a way to use their degree globally as their first step after graduation.
We've created a fun, virtual walking event to help your students or church learn about the unreached and do daily one mile or 5k prayer walks!
This is a TED Talk version of our Find Your Place personal coaching sessions. A fun and inspiring evening with 6 minute talks including ‘Playing it Safe is Risky,’ ‘Why Your 20s Matter,’ and ‘Live Your 20s On Purpose.’ This event requires production effort and is a great larger group special event (and is a great event included in the Use Your Degree Overseas vision week.)
Our recommended training modules are:
  • God’s Genesis to Revelation Story of Missions
  • The 5 Roles of a Goer: How Jesus Did Missions
  • The Biblical Basis of Fundraising

Our recommended post-trip modules are:

  • A Glimpse at God’s World: Putting Your Mission Trip in Context
  • Five Ways to Be Globally Involved from Your Dorm Room
  • Change Your Global Zipcode: An Intro to Mid-Term Missions

Bring us in to teach on these themes or we can work with you to incorporate these teaching sessions into your ministry.

Our coaching staff interacts with hundreds of students and young adults and are experts on understanding, coaching and leading Gen Z. Bring our coaching team in to consult with you and your team. We present a cross cultural approach to understanding Gen Z and give you ongoing tools and insight that will help you relate to and lead your students better. Choose from a one time or up to a one year consulting contract. Contact [email protected] for more info.
Is it your dream to have a dedicated mobilizer on your staff? Someone who would daily be working with you and your team to help your students and young adults engage missionally and to find their place and specific role in God’s global work? In this arrangement, our staff member would be a .25 or .5 on your staff helping you to achieve your mobilization goals. The best part... there’s no cost to your budget!
Getting face to face time with GoCorps staff, our sending partner reps and with other mobilization partners from campuses and churches around the country is refreshing and always helpful as you are leading your ministry and engaging your students in the great commission. This meeting is fun, vision filled and full of practical application points to take home!
If you want resurrect a dormant or dying ‘missions emphasis week’, consider partnering with us for a Use Your Degree Overseas global vision week. We’ll work with you to partner with academic departments to bring students’ major and God’s mission together!

Our Featured Speakers

Bring us in to speak! Our staff are experienced speakers who specialize in integrating the biblical basis of God’s mission with the practicalities of understanding calling, finding God’s plan for your life, making the most of season after college and what all that means in today's global realities and context.

Featured speakers:

Paul Van Der Werf, Founder and Executive Director of GoCorps

Colton White, Mobilizer and Church Partnerships

Jessica Hayson, Mobilization and Perspectives Lead

Alyssa Strickling, GoCorps Alumni and Mobilizer

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