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The world needs a new kind of missionary and 20-somethings are uniquely positioned to answer the call.  We are a mobilization and placement agency that partners with church, campus and ministry leaders toward the vision that two years of global service and missions would be the new norm for Christians after college. 

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GoCorps is a trusted partner for campus, church and ministry leaders who want to cultivate a culture of global involvement and send a new kind of missionary! We don't want to takeaway from your ministry. Instead, we help you engage and mobilize a greater number of your students... the ones who don’t see themselves as the 'typical missionary' type.


Andrew Knight

Campus Outreach

““I have known Paul and GoCorps for the past five years and recommend his integrity, vision, opportunities, and serving-oriented heart without reservation. Our graduates have been prepared and mobilized to overseas locations under the care of his staff and leadership and have gained invaluable overseas missions and ministry experience.”

Todd Ahrend

The Traveling Team, Founder

“GoCorps is the best process for this generation to engage in mid-term missions.”

Matt Browning

Azusa Pacific University, HISyears Senior Cohort Founder

“We greatly appreciate our partnership with GoCorps! GoCorps enables us to focus on inviting our seniors to consider mid-term missions as their first step after graduation. GoCorps is what’s needed for campuses to go beyond short-term missions and it’s what’s needed to enable this generation of students to have significant impact among the least reached.”

David Kline

Huntington University, UB Global Associate Director

"Working with GoCorps was a great experience! Paul and his staff came ready to engage and have focused conversations with students. Their intentionality produced one of the most interactive and productive mission emphasis weeks we have experienced. Thanks!"

David Bosworth

Colorado Christian University, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies and Mission

“We live in a day when missional options for college graduates are bountiful, but short. With mobilization of long term cross-cultural workers declining, it is of the utmost importance that we encourage students into a meaningful mid-term experiences. GoCorps provides the framework to ignite student passion and actuate opportunity, serving as a vital link in connecting campus structures with sending entities. As graduates and mission organizations develop partnerships through GoCorps, I am confident that kingdom work will be advanced.”

Paul Eddy

Bethel University, Professor of Theology

“I have had the privilege of regularly having a GoCorps representative speak in my university classes for several years now. GoCorps days are always an exciting chance for my students to hear about unique opportunities to put their faith, gifts, and new degrees into action for the kingdom of God. Simply put: GoCorps rocks!”

How to Mobilize Your Students to be Global Christians


Get Started

Cast vision with focus on the biblical basis of mission and today's great global needs.  Teach about the unique mobility students have after college and the global opportunities only recent grads are a match for.


Get Tools

Get tools and resources from GoCorps and our mission and mobilization partners to cultivate a culture of global involvement


Make a Plan

Create a year by year 'incremental involvement' plan of global engagement for your ministry.  We will help you!


Launch Well

Establish specific programming and on-ramps to help juniors and seniors transition well and be sent globally from your campus.

“No collegiate leader has enough time or bandwidth to do everything! Effective leaders focus on their strengths and find partners and allies to help them accomplish the big dreams and visions they have for their students. For over a decade, collegiate leaders have relied on GoCorps to provide a carefully curated list of vetted organizations and global placements for their graduating seniors and young adults. We help leaders to mobilize the 98% who don’t feel called to career missions. We’d love to talk to you about your dreams for your ministry and campus!”
- Jessica Wick, Director of Mobilization, GoCorps

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Let Us Help You

Meet with a mobilizer and share your vision for your ministry.  Together, we'll strategize how we can work with together to help you mobilize all of your students, not just the ministry or missions oriented students!

Bring us in to speak! Our staff are experienced speakers who specialize in integrating the biblical basis of God’s mission with the practicalities of understanding calling, finding God’s plan for your life, making the most of season after college and what all that means in todays the global realities and context.

Featured speakers:

Paul Van Der Werf, Founder and Executive Director of GoCorps

Colton White, Mobilizer and Church Partnerships

Jessica Hayson, Director of Mobilization

Alyssa Strickling, GoCorps Alumni and Mobilizer

Request A Speaker

One on one coaching sessions – Our 30 minute coaching session tool called ‘Find Your Place’ explores the intersection of gifting, God’s mission and taking risks. This coaching session is a springboard for next steps in integrating a desire to follow God whole heartedly and professional growth and excellence.
  • Global Explore: A 4 Week Bible Study for Juniors and Seniors – Partner with our staff to co-lead a weekly bible study looking at the biblical basis of missions and what it means for our lives and careers.
  • Don’t Waste Your 20s: A TED Talk inspired event – Don’t Waste Your 20s is a stand alone evening event where GoCorps staff and your staff combine to give 6 TED Talks about the uniqueness of the season right after college and how to make the most of it.
  • Short-Term Missions training and debrief – Our 6 Roles of a Goer talk is super effective in equipping your students for their role during their short-term mission trip as well as giving context for the where short-term missions fits in the big picture of the great commission. And our What’s Next workshop is an important part of debrief and application upon return from your trip.
  • A Global Vision Week reboot – Reenergize your global outreach and missions focus annual event week by partnering with us! Our ‘Use Your Degree Overseas’ global vision week model bridges academic departments and local and global outreach efforts, resulting in an interactive week focused on integrating students’ majors with the great commission.
  • Global Cohort for Seniors – Designed to help seniors who are committed to serving globally after graduation, this cohort model meets for eight weeks in the second semester of senior year to help equip students and provide an encouraging community during the application and sending process.
  • Consulting: Understanding and Leading Gen Z consulting and trainings
  • Annual GoCorps Summit - Meet with other mobilizers and campus partners and meet all of our sending partners at our annual summit in Minneapolis in August
  • Embedded Staff - Let our staff be your staff

Our #1 Mobilization Tool

The most value added resource that we can offer you is our Placement List. This list takes months of work and contains 100+ opportunities where recent grads can join long-term teams and projects to put their degrees and passions to work while serving and growing in mission. Each partner org is carefully vetted and each placement is selected based on the criteria of an experienced and pastoral team leader, a healthy team, a strategic project with proven results and a commitment from the team and leader to invest in the Goers that join their team.

Placement List

GoCorps helps leaders to mobilize the 98% who don’t feel called to career missions. Are you ready to talk to one of our mobilizers about how we can help you make two years of global service and missions the new norm in your ministry?

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