Marketing and Social Media Strategist

Job Title                          Marketing and Social Media Strategist

Position Location           Flexible

Time Commitment         Full time or Part time

Reports to                       Executive Director


About GoCorps

GoCorps helps Christians take the bold and meaningful step of global service after college.  Goers invest two years connecting their faith and their degree while making a real difference among those who need it most.  GoCorps is a liaison between ministries, churches, Christian colleges, students and recent grads and overseas opportunities through a partnership of multiple Christian mission non-profits globally.


GoCorps was founded in 2009 with the dream of making it the norm for Christians to invest the first two years of their career in global service.  We do this in two ways.

  • We partner with leading mission organizations in overcoming barriers that keep young adults from serving overseas.
  • We work with collegiate and church leaders to connect global minded Christian young adults to two year overseas positions fighting front line injustices.


Duties Overview

  1. Grow and develop current social media presence, platform and footprint
  2. Oversee and guide the GoCorps brand
  3. Develop and oversee annual marketing plan and efforts with emphasis on digital marketing
  4. Lead digital content creation efforts
  5. Raise funds for the ministry of GoCorps, primarily through the raising of personal support for salary and ministry expenses.  Grow and maintain relationships with donors through regular, ongoing communication and visits


Background and Skill-sets

  • Good writer
  • Strong sense of design
  • Self motivated and able to work independently
  • Strong web, SEO and social media understanding


Annual Salary:           Dependent on experience - This is a support raised position


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