Digital Media Content Producer

Job Title:                 Digital Media Content Producer

Reports to:              Executive Director

The role is all about telling stories.  We have amazing stories of what God is doing through Goers that are serving in 36 countries using their degree to make a difference.  The digital media producer oversees the messaging and storytelling of GoCorps, working closely with the executive director and the marketing team.  Through video, social media and other formats and platforms, the media producer creates media content to tell our story vividly in order to inform and inspire action. 


  1. Capture video content at GoCorps events
  2. Collect and edit visual (video and photo) content from Goers
  3. Create videos and media content for website, YouTube channel and Facebook highlighting Goer stories and the core elements of the GoCorps vision and mission.
  4. Oversee social media platforms and grow participation, audience and effectiveness
  5. Raise funds for the ministry of GoCorps, primarily through the raising of personal support for salary and ministry expenses.  Grow and maintain relationships with donors through regular, ongoing communication and visits.


  1. Background and experience in producing and editing video content
  2. Social media saavy
  3. Good written communication and story telling skills
  4. A thorough understanding and commitment to the GoCorps message, values, & vision
  5. Sensitive to dynamics of working in unity across denominations and organizations
  6. Self-starter and self-motivated
  7. Ability to work independently and manage time well
  8. Good interpersonal communication skills
  9. Mature and growing personal prayer and devotional life
  10. Disciplined and faithful in timely responses to emails or other communication

Hours and Salary: This is a full or part time position, and this is a support raised position.  Salary commensurate with experience.