Highlighter Challenge

Most of us think that missions begins in the New Testament with the Great Commission.  But guess what?   There are 366 passages in the Old Testament about God’s mission to bring all nations to himself! God’s global mission starts in Genesis 1 and culminates in Revelation with every tribe, tongue and nation gathered before Jesus.  All told, there are actually 566 passages containing over 1600 verses about God’s heart for all nations.

The goal of the Highlighter Challenge is to find and highlight all the verses where God speaks about the nations and then to consider what each of these passages can teach us about God’s heart, his mission and how we can find our place in his global work.




The Highlighter Challenge Cheat Sheet - a full list of all 566 passages of that speak of God’s desire to bless all nations


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Suggestions for further study

The two best books on this topic are the Abrahamic Revolution by Todd Ahrend or Unveiled at Last by Bob Sjogren.


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