The Gospel and the Mountain Mushroom Farmer and His Wife

How Goers are bringing the Gospel to one of the remotest places on the planet

How do Buddhists who live in the remotest regions of the Himalayas who have never heard the name of Jesus come to know Christ’s love? In the case of Tarn and Soriah, an alpine mushroom farmer and his wife, God used their hospitality to a Goer named Anna...

After graduating from Belhaven University in 2018, Anna decided to move from her home in the heart of the bible belt to join four other recent grads to help run a trekking tour company started by an American missionary.


A month after arriving to the region, Anna’s travels brought her to Tarn and Soriah’s remote mountain village. Tarn and Soriah welcomed Anna and her fellow trekkers into their home for some butter tea and a meal. Laughter, food and drink led this tour group to begin to love their gracious hosts, and it began to open Tarn and Soriah’s hearts to something they never expected. On subsequent visits, Tarn and Soriah excitedly welcomed members of the trekking team for meals and week-long homestays. Soon, the team realized that they were no longer being treated as guests, they were being treated as family.

The Mountains declare his majesty to the nations!

Tarn and Soriah have the worldview that their families and their village have held for generations. Each day, they burn incense to try to please the gods that their culture teaches determines the fate that will determine the course of their lives. During one of the homestays, Soriah and Tarn became very curious when one of the Goers shared from her heart and said “I have important treasures in my life. Not only is my family one of my treasures, but you are my treasure. Because you are my treasure, I want you to know about my most prized treasure of all.” As the Goer shared more about the treasure that is Christ, Soriah was so touched that tears began to flood her eyes. It was in the intimate place of their own living room that Tarn and Soriah began to consider joining the family of God.

Anna is in awe of what it looks like to run a trekking business that is opening the door for adventurous recent college grads to move into a region that is untouched by the gospel to intentionally travel throughout the region, seeking to meet urgent physical needs and to share the love of Christ and treasure that is found in knowing him.

The delicate beauty of these flowers is what drove
Anna to tears of grateful joy in a recent trek

Anna said ‘yes’ to an opportunity for adventure and mission. In her first 12 months, she’s had the opportunity to experience literal and spiritual highs and lows - from seeing the unexpected delicate beauty of a violet alpine flower at the summit of a high peak that drove her heart to burst forth with worship and tears to roll down her cheeks, to the daily realization that those living in these remote regions are in real danger of starvation, disease and falling prey to human traffickers who can smell desperation and opportunity. And she’s been amazed to have a front row seat into the way that God’s love is shining a light and beginning to thaw the long frozen ground that is spiritual context of the Himalayan high country. So what is she seeing from the front row seat? “I am seeing the love of God flow through my team and through local believers into seemingly normal conversations and meals, like the ones we’ve had with Tarn and Soriah. And I’m seeing that God uses the simplest of things... availability, serving and fun, to bring the gospel to our lips and into the hearts of his sons and daughters here. God is at work, and it is a joy and an adventure, to see and to join him in His work here.”

Today, Tarn and Soriah are still on a spiritual journey. They are asking deep questions and are still hosting Anna and the trekking company’s clients. Please pray for Anna and her team and for the precious people of the Himalayas, for their urgent physical and spiritual needs and for God to raise up more Goers who will bring the good news to this part of the world! 

About Anna, Goer Class of 2018

Anna never planned to be a missionary.  But in her senior year of college, she decided she wanted to travel and serve as her first step after graduation.  Her dream is to be a professional newscaster and she loves to garden.  Her favorite book is Mere Christianity by CS Lewis and one thing she’s never eaten is broccoli.  Anna hopes that after reading this story of what God is doing in her part of the world, that at least 10 people would start praying weekly for people living in the Himalayas!