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The Past Few Weeks

By Rebecca on December 24, 2013 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

I am thankful for time to breath.  The past month has been hectic, but I am thankful for the next 2 weeks I have off from class and Neustart (the prostitution ministry I am serving here in Berlin) to get caught up and most of all to seek God’s face.  Rest also comes from having a place to call HOME! here in Berlin.  Praise God! The past few weeks have been spiritually dry for me.  I was not finding rest in God’s presence.  I was neglecting quiet time with Him each day, filling that time with other “priorities”.  And in doing so, my heart was wandering further from His.  I was not living out... Read more

I Have Decided

By Lydia on December 21, 2013 Track: Medical Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

I was twelve. Situated at our family’s shared computer that still used dial-up, I eagerly awaited for my email to load. My eyes danced and butterflies flew around in my tummy as I waited for the one email I always looked for- my near daily email from my dear friend who lived in Papua New Guinea as a Missionary Kid. We were keeping each other accountable for our young lives, praying for one another and calling each other long distance for special occasions like birthdays and on Christmas. Many times we would have cultural clashes as we discussed different viewpoints of our childhood, but we... Read more


By Natalie on December 19, 2013 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Asia - South East

Merry Christmas!!! It’s that time of year again!  For those of you in Colorado, snow is falling, twinkle lights are shimmering, and Christmas music is perpetually playing everywhere you go.  Occasionally your heart will skip a beat, or your breath will be taken away by something truly special.  For me it was always the lights, the fun Christmas parties, and the quality time with people that evoked those good ol’ feelings of “Christmas cheer.”  However, it was the candle light Christmas Eve service at church that always rendered me breathlessly in awe of the birth of Christ.  Every year in the... Read more

Like Home

By Jamie on December 19, 2013 Track: Medical Region: Asia - South East

We’re on the way back in the team van. I look outside and see a man driving a motor bike and behind him is his wife with their 3 year old child riding in the middle. We drive through neighborhoods that are are characterized by flashing Christmas lights, and colors. Lots of Color.Noises.Karaoke. The stray dogs are wondering. Many stores appear on the side of the road and then you see chickens. People are talking to their neighbors. Everyone is smiling. It’s starting to get dark so there is a different feeling in the air than there was when we traveled to the city. No more sun to worry about.... Read more

Amazing Grace and a Big Move

By Obadiah on December 18, 2013 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Asia - Central

I have to leave the place that I have served at for a little over a year because my team and about 90% of all foreign believers have been deported in the past several months.  It is a bittersweet process of packing everything up and leaving.  Sweet in that God has done so much, and I have had the chance to reflect on how He is still in full control.  Bitter in having to say goodbye to people and having to give up personal plans and ideas of what everything was supposed to look like.  And so I guess I'll share the story of how the Lord worked in one person's life that I got to be a part of... Read more

Christmas in Bangkok

By Ryan on December 16, 2013 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Asia - South East

I’m sitting here sipping on a White Chocolate Mocha that Starbucks claims will put me in the “holiday spirit”, but unfortunately that just isn’t true. The Christmas music that is currently playing in my ears isn’t doing the trick either. I also know that it has nothing to do with it being 80+ degrees, because being that I’m from Texas and never having had a white Christmas in my life I’ve become accustomed to the idea that I may indeed have a warm Christmas. And although Thailand really gets into decorating with excessive Christmas lights and massive trees, I just can’t shake the feeling that... Read more

Do You Know Christmas?

By Mark on December 14, 2013 Track: University Outreach Region: Asia - East

This past week, we had our big Christmas outreach that was super fun and exciting. There was good food, worship, a game show quiz, a Christmas skit, a message, hangout time and 10 new believers. The whole thing was in Japanese so I didn't know what was happening, but it is so awesome to hear that 10 students gave their lives to Christ at this event. What is event better is that this event was primarily student led. The staff and STINTers took a back seat on this event and just provided support for the students leading. For us interns, we basically just invited students to come and one of the... Read more

New Apartment!

By Hannah on December 13, 2013 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Asia - Central

“The mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and shall be lifted up above the hills; and all the nations shall flow to it, and many peoples shall come, and say: 'Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord...that he may teach us his ways and that we may walk in his paths.'” ~Isaiah 2:2-3 As I sit in my new apartment to write, the sound of drums fills the streets below. Sometimes it is a steady rhythm, other times it is a frenetic pace. Today is the Day of 'Ashura for Muslims all over the world to either mourn the death of Mohammed's grandson... Read more

Unexpected Presence

By Celeste on December 13, 2013 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Asia - Central

Before embarking on this journey, I had many expectations and assumptions regardless of the fact that I was trying my best to keep from forming them. One of these preconceived ideas related to the presence (or lack thereof) of established churches I would encounter. My pre-travel research informed me that the area I am currently residing in is the highest in unreached, unengaged people groups worldwide. The best studies also report that the percentage of Evangelical Christians present is less than 2%. These numbers in mind, I guess I did not expect to see several Christian church buildings... Read more

Cool Refugee Story

By Thomas on December 12, 2013 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Middle East

The highlight of recent events is related to the shelter at which I’ve been teaching English with some teammates.  The shelter is full of young men who have fled their home country for various reasons, and have no other choice than to live at this place where the vast majority feel like there’s no life or future.  As my teammate and I spend time with them, many express their feeling of hopelessness with their current situation.  At the same time, many are very evidently seeking hope elsewhere, and God has been drawing them to himself as the direction of that hope.  Though they are from... Read more