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True Arab Hospitality

By Candace on December 3, 2013 Track: University Outreach Region: Middle East

For a long time I have heard the expression "Arab hospitality" and I have never experienced anything less. My Arab are quick to invite me over and quick to offer me everything I could ever want or need. If I ever ask an Arab friend a simple question about how to do something, which in America would get just a simple answer, I get so much mothe than theinformation I need. If I ask someone on campus where a certain building iFodor example, even if it isfar away, they always walk me tere. If my phone breaks and I ask a friend where I can get it fixed, they will insist on taking it to get... Read more

A Thankful Heart

By Arielle on November 30, 2013 Track: Media - Arts Region: Middle East

Hello everyone! Today marks my 15th day in Turkey! Just over two weeks have gone by in a blur of new people, things, and especially new places! My teammate Erin and I moved into a flat with a Turkish girl who is about our age. This has been a huge blessing because our flat is already furnished and our roommate is friendly and ready to show us around and help us with our language! One of our first days here, our roommate (who I'll refer to as 'M') took us around the city to see some of the main sights. This was both fun and a challenge for me! It's going to take me awhile to get used to the... Read more

Semester Planning

By Mark on November 30, 2013 Track: University Outreach Region: Asia - East

Earlier this month, my teammates and I spent a weekend on a retreat to strategically plan out the rest of the semester. During this retreat, we came up with 4 goals we wish to see accomplished before February. The first goal is to "Grow in Prayer" as individuals as well as a team. What this means is that we want prayer to be our first priority as well as bring everything we do and say before God in prayer. The second goal is to "See One Japanese Student Come to Christ." This goal is self-explanatory. The third goal is to "Follow-Up with Students and Have Them Join Student Impact (JCCC)." This... Read more

Home is Wherever There's Yarn and a Bookshelf

By Lindsey on November 28, 2013 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Asia - Central

I am not exactly sure when it happened, but sometime in the last two weeks or so South Asia really became my home. And I know I had been living here for two months already but I don't know if I really called it "home" or not. But all the sudden it became like home. And really it's pretty little things that make it home... Things like having a kitchen where we can make Chai three times a day, things like a flowery pillow that matches my very pink blanket, things like having a living room to dance in, things like having neighbors and having people in the area who know us and who we look forward... Read more

At Home

By DougandEllen on November 27, 2013 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

I can understand why people wished me away with "have a good trip", but it didn't quite do justice for what I was about to do. I am not on a trip and the reality has set in, I miss the value of speed and quality service that I was familiar with in the US. The other day I was feeling really upset with Turkish culture. I broke my tooth after I got a little too excited from a big play, hugged a football player, and ran into his shoulder pad. I was filled with a feeling of frustration in the lack of reliability that everyone mentions here.  Around here when plans aren't completed, a... Read more

Wrestling With Redemption

By Ryan on November 27, 2013 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Asia - South East

As I am preparing for a devotional that I’ll be giving to the other interns tomorrow, I thought that it would be helpful to blog out my thoughts and that perhaps you could benefit from my preparations. (If you’re an intern and are reading this, then I apologize for the sneak peak) I left the office the other night not having a clue on what I could do for a devotional. I just began praying as I walked to the bus stop that the Lord would just place something on my heart. I want to share something that is applicable to all of interns here; you know something that I felt like all of us could... Read more

Safe and Sound

By Rebecca on November 26, 2013 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

I returned to Berlin, Germany (where I am serving the next 2 years) this Friday, and I am thankful to be back “home”.  I was in Cyprus attending the European Freedom Network's EUIP Conference in Cyprus.  This conference lasted 4 days and representative from around the EU, including me and 2 others representing Neustart in Germany, were there to network and seek ways in which to combat the issue of human-trafficking.  Above is a picture of those who attended (I took the picture so you can't see me, haha).  A part of me did not want to leave Cyprus.  The weather was amazing and the coast breath... Read more

Showing Up

By Isaac on November 26, 2013 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

Three months into living here, I no longer experience the excitement and novelty of my situation on a daily basis anymore. There are whole worlds still to learn and new experiences regularly, and I do still love what I’m doing, but it isn’t still in that first feeling of absolute novelty. Yet, I’m still only starting to have a clue about how life here is going to work and what possibilities it holds. It was so new, a month ago, walking away from the apartment at sunrise to go to school and figure out a lesson that was either going to be very good or very bad. Now, it’s just daily life,... Read more

Intimacy with God

By Jessica on November 23, 2013 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Asia - Central

We've moved into our apartment and this is the view from our balcony. It's a wonderful little place that we can finally call home for our two years. Even in the midst of being in a different country, speaking a different language, going to markets almost everyday or playing frogger just to cross the street there are also similarities. Everyone needs food, needs air to breathe and a place to sleep. But more than that, amongst my travels I love seeing how God is the same everywhere you go. He is creator of the beautiful universe and wants to have a relationship with every one of his creations... Read more

Language...why does it have to be so hard?

By Sarah on November 22, 2013 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Asia - South East

Learning Thai has been an adventure. Our language school goes by modules; there are six total and then you can take other classes by topic. I currently just began one of the hardest modules, number 3. This is supposed to be one of the hardest modules because we are continuing to learn Thai phonetically so we can communicate, but we are also starting to learn how to write in Thai. The teacher is one of the hardest and we have quizzes everyday and a big test every ten days of class. I just began on Thursday and I will honestly say that I am so nervous for this module for many reasons, but... Read more