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Newsletter Update - August 2013

By Stephanie on January 31, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

We finally moved into our apartment last Monday after living in a hotel for almost two weeks. It is more beautiful than I ever thought. The Father provided so graciously. It was truly He who gave us what we have. A friend of our directors who is well-connected was able to get us an apartment in her complex. We are on the 14th floor! The view and the breeze are wonderful! Through living here, we are becoming closer to the lady who helped us and her heart is being opened! It is so exciting to see and it has only been a week since we moved in! I also had three demonstration classes this last... Read more


By Frank on January 31, 2014 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

A week ago, myself and the other workers I'm here in Turkey with went up to an ancient castle that overlooks the city of Izmir.  As we looked down on about 4 millions people, hardly any of whom have heard the Gospel, I started to feel a bit overwhelmed.  My desire is to see this city that was once Smyrna return to Jesus, but...4 million people.  As we prayed over the city, however, the Lord took away my hopelessness and reminded me that he is in control, and all I have to do is be faithful.  He also brought to mind two Turks whom I have had the priviledge in my short time here of seeing... Read more

Football In Turkey

By Frank on January 31, 2014 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

In my last post, I wrote about the calling God has placed on my life and how he brought me to Turkey by combining my love for the unreached with my love for football.  I've been in the country nearly five months now, and that I'm able to use both these passions right out of college is still a little bit surreal to me.  I thought my football playing days were done, but to have the opportunity to compete again is an incredible blessing and one I am not taking for granted at all.  I'm cherishing every moment this time around, and really loving every aspect of being back in the game, even the... Read more

January 2014 Update

By Paul on January 30, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - Central

The beginning of many things! F3llowship: We have been enjoying the time spent together with the like minded people from our community. They have been a source of encouragement and fun for us. This month we decided to invite them after our meeting to come to our apartment and spend the afternoon together. It was a lovely time filled with food, laughter and games. Experiencing the culture  The director of our school invited us to taste a traditional meal called "Bishbarmak". This dish is consisted of a wide flat pasta, potatoes, onions and horse meat. That's right friends, horse meat. It was... Read more


By Mark on January 29, 2014 Track: University Outreach Region: Asia - East

Hi everyone, Here is a little update for all of you. Throughout the STINT year, we get two weeks of vacation time, so my teammates and I decided to vacation for one week on a tourist island called Koh Lanta in Thailand. We chose to vacation here because we have our Midyear conference coming up in ChiangMai, Thailand so we decided to come early with some of the other STINT teams and vacation here with them. Thailand isn't one of the cleanest places in the world and several people have gotten sick so I just wanted to ask everyone to be praying for all of us here as we recover, rejuvenate, rest... Read more


By Carrie on January 28, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Asia - South East

I knew when I made this two year commitment that I should expect the unexpected...if that's even possible. And after not even four months of being here,so much has been shaken up in my life. This isn't bad; it's actually a really good thing. But it's challenging. I chose to write about this for today because I want to make an effort to not distract myself from the difficulty of facing what is happening. Here's a list of thought topics I've had lately: exclusivity of the kingdom of God?socioeconomic/social statusprivilegeracebiasmasculinity/femininitystandards of Godgrace and mercychristian... Read more

Adventures in Turkey: the Daily Thrill Ride

By Arielle on January 27, 2014 Track: Media - Arts Region: Middle East

Today I wanted to give all you lovely readers a taste of my life in Turkey! Since I live in a big city where a majority of people rely on public transit rather than owning cars, I've had to familiarize myself with all the various ways of getting around the city. Most often I take either the metro, the bus, or my personal favorite: the minibus. To my knowledge, the minibus is a phenomenon specific to Turkey, and it's not just a means of transportation but also means of peeking into the culture of Turkey. Let me paint a picture for you of what an average ride on the minibus looks like! A... Read more

Blog Update 1/26/2013

By Nathan on January 27, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Middle East

Family & Friends, As some of you already know, I will be preaching again at my fellowship this Sunday, January 26th. My fellowship is currently in a series on 'The Miracles of Jesus' and this Sunday I will be teaching on John 6, focusing on the 'Feeding of the Five Thousand' and how that points to Jesus, the Bread of Life. If you have a prayer team, please ask them to join you in prayer! PLEASE be praying:For my humility throughout the whole process of standing behind the pulpitFor pure motives in finalizing my message (to glorify God & edify the Body and NOT to glorify "me and my... Read more

Living a Life Worthy of the Calling

By Lindsey on January 25, 2014 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Asia - Central

I continue to learn so much about myself and my God while here in South Asia.  Read more

Learning How to Walk

By Jessica on January 24, 2014 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Asia - Central

Do you remember that one thing called culture shock? Yep well it’s been said that there are four different stages. Excitement, Frustration, Adjustment, and Acceptance. I’ve been in South Asia for almost four months now and I think I’m slowly working through the frustration phase. Three months ago if you could read my mind it would have gone something like this, “I love all the colors of this place! The food is amazing and I love talking to the people. Everything about this place is so exciting.” About a week ago it went like this, “Why do people here drive like maniacs? I don’t understand the... Read more