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Birthday Bash

By Rebecca on February 1, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

Thank you all for praying for my birthday party January 10th (a week after my birthday).  The entire day was spent preparing, getting items for the flat, buying food, getting recipes together, cooking, cleaning, PRAYING (a significant component in the days leading up to it and the day of), and seeing God do the rest. Song was the first person to come.  She is from China and was in my second language class.  Shortly thereafter came Charlott, Vlad, and then Alfred and Filip with their 3 roommates, Fabia, and more and more. The day before the party, I was anxious.  I was fighting to NOT feel the... Read more

All of The Hats

By Brianna on January 31, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

I was studying Matthew 6:25-34 earlier this week and I was especially focusing on verse 32b-34: "...your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." I was reminding myself of these words this week when i was getting anxious about planning for some of my lessons. Sometimes, planning is just really confusing and you're not sure which end is up! But, instead of getting... Read more

Newsletter Update - February

By Stephanie on January 31, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

Happy New Year! Yes, I know what you're thinking, didn't she already say Happy New Year in her last letter? I did, but it just so happens that there are two new years celebrations here. One for the western calendar at the beginning of January and one for the lunar calendar at the end of January. The lunar new years is more important here than the one we celebrate. Everything is closed and people go back to their hometowns to visit their family, visit their ancestor's graves, and have many parties with close friends and neighbors. I was suddenly told by my administrator that I would no longer... Read more

Newsletter Update - January 2014

By Stephanie on January 31, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

Happy New Year! December has been a chilling 66 degrees, so we put on our scarfs and jackets! Everyone looks like they are ready for a blizzard! It has been a month of many changes. Christmas was pretty sad because not many people celebrate it or have a good idea of what it is. We made it through the holidays and hopefully things warm up in the next few weeks. First time to go to the local market alone. It is a little hole in the wall place and no foreigners go there. I was a big shock to many of the woman selling food there. They would point and stare. Some of the more brave ones said "Hello... Read more

Newsletter Update - December 2013

By Stephanie on January 31, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Even here there are decorations for Christmas! I was so surprised, when I went to the supermarket there was nativity scene. Everyone was lined up to take pictures with it. Well, life this past month has been a little crazy. I am now officially a university professor. Before going, I heard all these horrible stories, from previous teachers and the administration at the school, about how these students were awful, they were rude and hard to control, and that they were super "weak" in English. So, needless to say, I was terrified my first day. But... Read more

Newsletter Update - November 2013

By Stephanie on January 31, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

Well, we had a big typhoon sweep in. It came, made a mess in the night, and left by morning. Our apartment building suffered greatly but only the downstairs area where the motorbikes are parked. The windows on the sides of the building were blown out and smashed to pieces all over the lobby. The ceiling tiles fell down, the elevators flooded, the stairwells flooded (the trash shoot too, that was smelly), and some motorbikes were crushed by heavy windows. Many trees along the streets fell over onto power lines. However, that didn't stop the g0vernment from cutting off all the limbs and... Read more

Newsletter Update - Mid-October 2013

By Stephanie on January 31, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

Over a month and a half of teaching and I have finally taken control of my kids' classes. I was getting real tired of pushing in their chairs and cleaning up their trash. So five minutes before the bell rang I had them all stand up, push in their chairs, and then I blocked the door so they can't run out. Then I made them line up and I glanced around for trash. They could't leave until the class was clean! Then each one of them had to say goodbye to me before I let them leave the classroom. I even made four kids sit in the four corners of my room facing the wall because they would not stop... Read more

Newsletter Update - October 2013

By Stephanie on January 31, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

Life is going pretty good here. I have survived two "typhoons", a week of oral tests which I was given no instructions on how to grade, three lessons I made up off the top of my head because I was given the wrong pages, and the Father has given me an amazing friendship! Yes, teaching is hard, but I love the people here so much that it is worth it. I know the Father is with me and He is going to do something special this year! I have an amazing friend who lives in my apartment complex. She is an older woman that I exercise with every morning at 6am, has been a blessing to me from the Father.... Read more

Newsletter Update - September 2013

By Stephanie on January 31, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

Well, I am now on my third week of teaching! Thank you all for keeping me in mind. I got a new children's class and they are angels compared to the other class. In fact, I have to lock my classroom door because the students I previously had roam the halls during class time and peek in through the door. My other classes are going pretty well. I am still getting the hang of making lessons fun while also having the students learn. It is a skill to balance the two. I have been slowly adjusting to this culture. I like it here very much. I love the people, I love the food, and the weather isn't too... Read more

Newsletter Update - August 2013

By Stephanie on January 31, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

We finally moved into our apartment last Monday after living in a hotel for almost two weeks. It is more beautiful than I ever thought. The Father provided so graciously. It was truly He who gave us what we have. A friend of our directors who is well-connected was able to get us an apartment in her complex. We are on the 14th floor! The view and the breeze are wonderful! Through living here, we are becoming closer to the lady who helped us and her heart is being opened! It is so exciting to see and it has only been a week since we moved in! I also had three demonstration classes this last... Read more