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Save Me from Myself

By Matt on December 12, 2018 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

Sophie and I got each other Kindles for Christmas. It was a good Cyber Monday deal and I am pretty sure they got here before December, but we decided to “gift” them to each other right out of the Amazon box.  All that to say, if it wasn’t for access to free books I probably would not be reading Save Me from Myself by Brian “Head” Welch, the guitarist from the metal band Korn. It’s basically a straight-up chronological autobiography starting from his discovery of music, through the destruction that drugs and partying can bring, to his encounter with Jesus. Honestly, it’s totally worth reading... Read more

Welcome to Rainy Season

By Brooke on December 11, 2018 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

There’s no change of the seasons here in the jungle. No leaves changing into beautiful shades of yellow and orange and red as the temperatures cool. No budding of flowers and trees, filling the warming air with the aromas of spring. And definitely no snow. There’s just the rainy season, and the not so rainy season. Now that doesn’t mean that during the rainy season it rains all day, every day. In fact, it doesn’t even rain every day. It comes more in spurts. But when it rains, it pours. Like a good midwestern thunderstorm kind of pour. The ones that force you to drive a little slower cause... Read more

An Interesting Encounter with a Critter

By Ellie on December 4, 2018 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

So originally, I was going to post a much different blog than this, but an interesting turn of events happened last night. So, I’ll post my more serious blog next time and for now I hope you enjoy a good laugh.   Living in Peru has taught me a number of things. When I first arrived in the jungle I was shown again and again how out of my element I was. Each time I started to feel like I was getting the hang of things something would happen and I would be reminded of the fact that this is not my native habitat (i.e. lizards in my shower, termites in my walls, you get the idea). I have learned... Read more

Packing Up

By Matt on November 28, 2018 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

God is so faithful! Just about three months after starting the support raising process we – Sophie and I – are just about finished. Three months ago visions of packing up our house, getting on a plane, saying goodbyes, and being in Peru felt only like dreams. I had complete trust in Jesus that bags would be packed and our plane would touch down in Lima, but the huge task of support raising pushed that reality to the back of my mind. Now, our room has clothes all over in storage, suitcase, and Goodwill stacks. Our leaders said we can start scanning airline websites for flights. A host family... Read more

Getting Closer!

By Sophie on November 28, 2018 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

Last time I wrote we were 0% funded, had about fifteen “appointments” set up with our closest friends and family to meet with in our first week back from training to share our vision and passion for the next two years of our lives. Fast forward three months and we are ALMOST DONE building our team. This season has been nothing but an oxymoron for me – a season comprised of both the best and most challenging times of my life. I’ve been more uncomfortable in these past three months than ever before in my life, while simultaneously overwhelmed by peace that I’m exactly where He wants me.... Read more

Sounds, Scents and Memories

By Brooke on October 24, 2018 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

Memories are a strange thing, the way they come and go.   Our senses are powerful. And the two are beautifully and intricately intertwined. Sounds and smells can trigger memories that flood our minds with almost life-like detail as they replay in vivid color. Have you ever heard a sound that brought a memory flooding to your mind? Or smelled something that made you remember a moment from your childhood? A sound that reminded you of where you grew up? Maybe they are sounds or scents that you never previously associated with that memory. Possibly even things you didn’t even know you remembered... Read more

FAQ Welcome to my TED Talk

By Ellie on October 24, 2018 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

Hey Everyone! This month I decided to go to the people and see what they have been wondering about my life here in the amazon jungle. I asked my friends on facebook and my supporters for any questions they had about my life here, my ministry, or just things they want to know about Perú.  I put the video up on YouTube so just click the link below. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPzZuo2Qifs If you have any other questions for me let me know and I'll do my best to get back to you! Read more

Building Our Team

By Matt on October 17, 2018 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

Here is our majestic 2005 Toyota Corolla. I love it more than Sophie (my wife) does. For her it is more like a Go-Cart. Recently the Corolla has been all around Minneapolis, up the North Shore of Lake Superior, Marshfield, Wisconsin, and to Ontarior, Canada and back. She is a vital part in our lives and our means of transportation in building our support team! Sophie and I have been in the Corolla often lately. The last month has included traveling to see over a hundred incredible people. With each of them we had the honor to share about the ministry in Peru we are so fortunate to be apart of... Read more

Being an Introvert in a Loud World

By Brooke on September 23, 2018 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

I am an introvert. To the core. Everything about me screams it. I even scored a 97% on the Myers-Briggs for introversion once. I am quiet. Being around people saps my energy. Saturday nights with a book are preferred. A group larger than 3 is too big. Meeting new people is stressful. Smalltalk is draining. In groups I prefer to listen. I would rather be behind the scenes. I don’t mind going out to eat alone. Group projects are dreadful. I have the most energy in the morning. And for the longest time I thought these things meant there was something wrong with me. People have always called me... Read more

Serving As Jesus Did

By Ellie on September 21, 2018 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing well and finding time to enjoy small blessings in this busy time that is fall. It’s kind of funny, fall is a time I have always associated with hectic schedules and very little down time. But here in the jungle it’s pretty much the opposite. The travel season is winding down and now we are starting to settle into life in San Ramon. I’m not going to lie, after so much non-stop movement over the past two and a half months it seems strange to have so much free time. But Jesus is meeting me here in this quiet space just as much, more even, as when my time... Read more