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For the Love of Comfort

By Julie on November 9, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

For the last 20ish years of my life, I’ve been learning how to be a competent, productive member of society.  And I feel like I’ve been pretty successful at that.  So the question is, what do I do now that I’m in a place where 90% of my competency has been stripped away? I moved to Quito, Ecuador just over a month ago and this has been one of my most humbling, difficult experiences of my life.  When I got here, my level of communication was roughly that of a semi-literate toddler (or at least it felt that way to me!).  I couldn’t get around on my own, go to the grocery store, or hold a basic... Read more

End of Travel Season

By Sophie on October 22, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

  And that's a wrap for travel season, '19! We couldn't have asked for a better first couple of months. We didn't imagine all of the things we would learn or the ways that we would be stretched. That being said, this is somewhat of a re-cap newsletter so bare with us as it will probably be a bit longer than normal. As life slows down we want to be sure to fill you guys in on all the cool things that have happened that we weren't able to share in the midst of the craziness.           UPDATES In the end of September, a lady from the ministry Faith Comes by Hearing brought audio Bibles in the... Read more

La Construcción

By Matt on October 22, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

The construction project here with the Yanesha was something that began 5 years ago with a plot of jungle. This place was full of palm trees, thick bushes, poisonous snakes, and no humans or concrete. Now it looks a lot different. On this land given by the community one building has been completed, one is fully in process with the second floor potentially being constructed as you read this, a soccer field planted and growing, a security wall halfway done, and several Peruvians employed. This facility will be multi-faceted: an agriculture institute, a place to host soccer events, pastors can... Read more

Jungle Video!

By Sophie on October 22, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

  Hey guys! We made this little video to help show what life in the jungle is like! Because it's difficult to sum this beautiful place up in words solely, we thought this might help. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veD-w9nxdyE   Read more

A Jungle Video

By Matt on October 22, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

Staying in touch with supporters has been not just something we were told is important, but something we have personally realized as critical and also a blessing. We are constantly open to feedback and sometimes specifically ask for it. We made a video earlier in our time at language school and were told that another one, this time of the jungle, would be helpful. We listened and made another one! Enjoy it here at this link.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veD-w9nxdyE    -Matt Read more

Remembering to Remember

By Sophie on October 22, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

“You must observe my Sabbaths. This will be a sign between me and you for the generations to come, so you may know that I am the LORD, who makes you holy”  (Exod. 31:12–13) I never really knew much about Sabbath. And then we moved to a South American culture and I randomly came across the book Subversive Sabbath by A.J Swoboda. And in the middle of adapting to a place where siestas are daily, efficiency isn’t top priority and life is just slower in general, I figured out that I am really bad at Sabbathing. So here is a hodge-podge of reflections/take-aways from this incredible book that I... Read more

Two Years Abroad

By Brooke on September 23, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

September 17th marked two years in this amazing country. TWO YEARS! I can hardly believe it’s been that long. So much as happened! Our team leader had asked that we take some time to think about all we’ve learned in the past two years. I honestly didn’t know where to being. From those first moments in a new culture and place, those first moments of culture shock, the tears, the laughs, and everything in between. Two years’ worth of learning and growth, how could I even begin to articulate that? But I sat down with my journal, wrote "1)" on the first line, and couldn’t believe how quickly... Read more

A Different Route

By Emily on September 13, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Asia - East

Hello!!! This upcoming January I will be moving across the world to East Asia!! It's super crazy to think that just a year ago I thought I would now be on my way to graduate school for speech therapy, since I one day want to become a speech language pathologist! But God has taken me on a much different route! A bit about me: I graduated from SDSU with a bachelors of science in speech language and hearing sciences (SLHS) along with two minors in honors interdisciplinary studies and cultural proficiency!  I was saved during my sophomore year of high school, but college was a time in my life... Read more

My Letter to Future Goers

By Fiona on September 12, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Asia - Central

Nothing is wasted. Our sweet Father uses everything. He is so gracious and caring and intentional. Before I left to move to Central Asia, I was filled with so much excitement and expectation about what the Lord would do. When I arrived in-country, I realized that I was in a place with very "hard soil. " I can remember thinking many times in my first few months overseas: What am I doing here? Is this a complete waste? Why in the world did I leave everything familiar to me? My friends back home were “moving on” with their lives: getting married, starting grad school, and beginning awesome... Read more

5 Things I Still Don't Understand About Peru

By Brooke on August 2, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

It has been 684 days since I moved to Peru. One year, ten months, and sixteen days. Wow. Simply, wow. Those days have been filled with more learning and growing, laughing and crying, adventure and change that I ever dreamed possible. Peru is a country, a culture, and a people I have come to love. There have been moments of sadness, of missing family and friends and the familiar. Moments of longing, both for what was and the day when things will feel known. Of laughter as I make mistakes and struggle for words in my new language. Of joy as I see God working. Of beauty. Grief. Learning. And... Read more