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Team Dinner

By Christy on March 13, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

I'm here! I can hardly believe I have been on the field for a week already. Time is flying by! There are so many things I could share about just from this one week, but what I really want to write about happened only tonight. On Monday nights, we have dinner as a team, followed by a team meeting. We had decided to fast for 24 hours starting Sunday night in preparation for our team meeting, so our dinner tonight broke that fast.  We oohed and aahed when we walked into the dining room because our team leaders had gone all out preparing this meal. A beautiful assortment of food was laid out... Read more

The Cliche of S and A

By Alexander on March 1, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

I hate the fact that people rag on clichés. Maybe it’s the hipsteresque vibes reverberating throughout our culture that scares us from liking anything likeable, but the truth is clichés are cool. Want to know why they’re cool? Because they’re usually at least a little bit true! If that wasn’t the case, then no one would have said them in the first place, and they never would have become cliché!                 Why do I say all this? Because ‘God works in mysterious ways’, that’s a cliché, and it’s true! Few things exhibit this better than S and A, two new friends I’ve made here in the city.... Read more

New Friends

By Christy on February 18, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

It has been an atypical winter, even for the south. There have been several spring weather days since we've been here at intercultural training, so one day, about a week after we all arrived, a group of us decided to go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine. We wandered down the patches of sidewalk until the cement ran out, and then we spread out over the grassy shoulder and into the street (yes, we watched for cars). Eventually, we came across a dirt road that we were curious about. We had walked pretty far at this point, but we were having such great conversations that we just kept going. The... Read more

True Enough?

By John on February 6, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

Living in a different culture is an interesting thing. As I stretch and adjust to my surroundings, I am forced to examine the way I do things and ask if what I do is because of my personality or inherited from my culture, something that glorifies God or just something I do without much thought. Such introspection engenders growth, but not without a fair share of discomfort. For instance, truth-telling where I live is viewed quite differently from where I come from. People swear to God all the time, even responding to something amazing you say by saying, “swear to God?” The funny thing is,... Read more

What do I Say to My Friends?

By Alexander on January 30, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

What do I say to My Friends?             What am I supposed to say to my friends in this country? Our apartment is pretty international right now. The four of us living there come from 3 different countries, two of us are refugees, and all of us are foreigners. The home countries of my two refugee roommates were on Donald Trump’s recent list of countries whose immigration status to America was put on hold. On top of that, last night 10 women and children were killed in an American-backed attack against terr-rists not far from my roommate’s home province.             The hardest part is... Read more

The Privilege is Worth the Cost

By Christy on January 12, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

I got to tag along with my dad tonight as he went to catch up with some old friends and hear about their adventures and work overseas. They shared about their organization and the fruit they've been able to see from the Truth being communicated around the world. As someone who is about to go serve in a different culture, I was super encouraged!  Now that my time at home is growing short, I'm dealing with the emotions, particularly the grief, of leaving. Of all the encouragement I gained from the time tonight with my parents' friends, this is what stood out the most: Yes, there is a cost to... Read more

Tidings they Bring

By Alexander on December 31, 2016 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

I remember when I first started to develop expectations of what I wanted to do overseas; one of the first generic ideas to develop was hosting a party where most of the guests were majority people. This Christmas, this goal was realized! It started by running the idea past one of my majority friends who I’ve grown quite close to here. I was reminiscing about how good Christmas time is in the states, how me and my Dad always watch Charlie Brown Christmas together, and how there’s usually desserts out the wazoo (I searched, there is no direct translation of ‘wazoo’ into Arabic). My friend was... Read more

Lessons Learned

By Christy on December 19, 2016 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

How is 2016 almost over already? I have spent this whole year pursuing this GoCorps placement. I applied early enough to launch back in the fall, but the Lord worked it out so that I'm launching in the winter instead. It has been a hard year, but it has been a good year. God has shown me His goodness in so many ways, and I reflected on that a bit recently.  My pastor asked me to share with my church some of the things I've learned during this journey, and I got to do that this past Sunday. I wanted to share a few of them with y'all as well. 1. No matter what I attempt, I can't do it on my own... Read more


By John on December 4, 2016 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

One year in, and it is bizarre to think about the things that have become ordinary. Buildings in several shades of brown, ranging from once-glorious to yet-unfinished. Streets occupied by a donkey-driven cart, a tuk-tuk, a motorcycle, a microbus that looks weeks, days, hours from falling apart. Drinking coffee in bright plastic chairs in the street, watching soccer with strangers in a language that is inching towards familiarity. Answering the well-worn script of questions about why I'm here and how I've come to speak this language.  There are things I can see in myself that are more here... Read more

One Year Later

By Alexander on December 2, 2016 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

                It feels weird even typing that title. It’s been a year since hugs and at least a few tears in a Dallas airport when I left to live overseas for two years. Even today it hit me. I was sitting on the floor with a few friends, and even though some of us were American, no one was speaking English. We were digging into a goopy foreign substance with our bare hands, drinking tea, and talking about life. The strangest thing was that it felt so normal. That’s my life now, one year later. And as I reflect on how it’s come to be this way, it’s incredibly difficult to adequately sum it... Read more