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Lands on Fire

By John on July 5, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

Our friends come from lands on fire They run, they escape the flames Often badly burned, their minds filled with pictures that should never be taken Our friends look for water They hear America, Europe is all streams and lakes, milk and honey Some will risk everything, crossing oceans for hearsay Some will lose everything Our friends come from lands on fire They thirst And here we are -- porous, fragile clay vessels of Living Water Read more

The Guy More Culture Shocked Than Me

By Alexander on June 30, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

Imagine going over to a distant relative’s house for Christmas Eve. You show up with warm hopes of glad tiding and joy to the world. However, instead of warm soup you eat Doritos and cheese wiz, Santa wears neon green, and “Come all Ye Faithful” is replaced with 2000s era hardcore screamo music. You might feel just a little bit…shocked?                 Culture shock is an expected acquaintance living overseas that shows up to remind you you’re a foreigner and simply getting a haircut is a daylong task that could trigger anxiety and frustrations. I definitely went through it, just read some of... Read more


By Christy on June 18, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

A few weeks ago, several members of my team and I helped with a holiday kids club (basically Vacation Bible School). I had committed to volunteer about a month before, but by the time the club came around, I didn't want to do it. It was our week off from ministry programs since all the schools were closed for the week, and I just wanted to rest. I wasn't going to back out on my commitment, but I wasn't exactly excited about it either.  We had a day of setting up the church and another day of training before the club started. I was already so drained, and I had no clue how I was going to have... Read more

Getting Outta Town

By John on June 7, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

Sometimes, it gets wearisome to live in a city of twenty million or so people, and it becomes necessary to get out of town for a while. The city is big, and very brown, and I’m sure it deserves the title “The City that Never Sleeps” more than New York does. With all of that, it can be hard to hear God in all the chaos, and so any chances to get out and see some greenery and have some peace of mind are very welcome. So my family came to visit and we went to Kenya together! It was fantastic. I think one of the best parts was to be able to step out of my role as an adult, making my own decisions... Read more

Who I Am and How I Got Here

By Raelynn on June 1, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

Hey!   My name is Raelynn and I will be going to the United Kingdom for the next two years to work on a storying outreach team! I graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and an emphasis in creative writing. I am very passionate about writing, music, and photography--these all seem to stem from my love of capturing the beauty of life, whether it is through, sight, sound, or written words. I am truly excited to see what God has in store for me the next few years because the journey of just getting to where I am now--sitting in a classroom at GoWeek... Read more

Foreigner and the Fast: How to Survive

By Alexander on May 26, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

One time I saw a meme for Ramadan that read “Happy Hunger Games” featuring that heavily make up’d lady from the Hungar Games movies. It made me laugh, and seeing how my muslim friends were the ones passing it around, I imagine they got a good chuckle out of it too. In the grand scheme of things, however, the fasting month of Ramadan is pretty serious business for a lot of my muslim friends. They’re serious about their gifts, their seeking after God as they fast, and, of course, their fitaar, the meal they break their fast with everyday once the sun goes down!             Ramadan can be a... Read more

I love my team.

By Christy on May 20, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

I've said many times over the past several months that God knew what He was doing when [fill in the blank]. That thought has crossed my mind in regards to my family, my previous job, the cross-cultural training I went through, the people who support me through prayer and finances, etc. Today, that thought is in regards to my team. God knew exactly what He was doing when He created each of my teammates, when He drew them to the peace and forgiveness in His arms, when He led them to the field, when He put this team together. We each have our own special skills and affinities and our own... Read more

Captain Crazy

By Alexander on May 10, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

“Oh yea, Xander, by the way a guy from the port authority came by the institute today. The Captain wants you Tuck arrested because he said you didn’t pay him.” Larry, a fellow worker who was housing us, said this over a light afternoon lunch as if he was just reading an interesting headline in the sports section of the newspaper. “Huh…” was all I could manage to vocalize in perplexity. “No, Xander, this is serious.” Larry clearly wasn’t impressed that my reaction reflected the same nonchalant manner in which he delivered the news. “Well, I guess I’ll go pray.” I replied, carefully weighing an... Read more

It Takes Time

By Christy on April 18, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

It takes time to adjust to a new situation. Whether it's moving onto your college campus, starting a new job, moving to a different city or country, etc., each transition involves getting to know new people and figuring out how things work. Adjustment takes time, and after a little bit of time, you start to settle in and feel more confident with daily tasks and conversations.  Last week I noticed several things that I have been able to adjust to. Public transportation is a big one. I've never used the bus system in my hometown, so my only public bus experiences before moving here involved... Read more

الإنجليزية الأمريكية (American English)

By John on April 10, 2017 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Middle East

One of the things I find interesting about living abroad and learning a new language is the way my relationship with my native tongue has changed. Working in an environment like this, you come across people from all over who may be less than used to speaking English, and I find myself learning patience when people take a bit longer to express themselves, or learning to guess meanings when what they intend to say is unclear. Doing so helps me grow and try to be a better listener. When I speak, too, I have to be careful about how fast I speak or how my accent is coming across, and it forces me... Read more