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Ready for the Adventure

By Jessica on September 26, 2013 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Asia - Central

I have about four days until I depart on this grand adventure. In the last week I've heard so many times "Are you ready?" My answer is always, "I'm more than ready!" It's a great feeling when you know that God is leading you on a grand adventure. He is the all-knowing, all-powerful God. As it says in the Psalms, He has written the days down before I was even born. In that promise there is a great mystery that has no room for fear or doubt. If I ever have a fear or doubt I know that it's perfectly human. But that's just it. It is me being human instead of living like I have the power of the... Read more

The Perspective of an Ambassador

By Celeste on September 21, 2013 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Asia - Central

                Some people call me brave. I guess going half way across the world to live in a land where almost every aspect of daily life will be different could seem daunting, at least when you look at it from that perspective. To me though, as someone who is intrigued by language and diversity of cultures, it is very inviting. Plus, along with the surface interests is the fact that I strongly believe in a God who wants and deserves to be known by people everywhere…                 My confession, however, is that one aspect of this next step in my life was intimidating. In fact, it’s one... Read more

Operation World

By Celeste on September 21, 2013 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Asia - Central

                Does the title Operation World  ring a bell? For some of you it may. It’s a prayer guide for the nations with statistics and prayer needs covering the globe. There have been seven editions since 1964 with the most recent published in 2010.               The other day I was reading the section pertaining to the area of the world I will call home for the next two years. I knew the need in that area of Asia is great and that our project is strategically placed, but reading the actual facts I sat stunned. According to the book, the state I will be in “probably represents the most... Read more