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He who removes my shame

By Sarah on January 7, 2021 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

How would you enter into a culture that structures its words and deeds around shame and honor (S/H)?  Many of the traditions and situations may seem strange to a guilt and justice-based (G/J) society. Let me explain by asking a question. How would you and others in your circle (family, friends etc.) handle a stressful event? In a G/J community, they would regard the “rightness” or “wrongness” of the issue to resolve the stress. They would openly discuss the injustice and demand that their rights be heard and given. In a S/H context, the greatest injustice would be to shame the most respected... Read more

You live here?

By Sarah on October 6, 2020 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

You live here? I recently was back in the States for a family wedding.  Before I returned, some unexpected circumstances happened, in the West African country where I serve, that delayed my travel.  "More than COVID?!", you ask. This year has been marked with so many instances of God's faithfulness despite the chaos out of my control.  A chance to spend time with my WHOLE family has not happened in two years... as most of my family now actually live in West Africa. Thus, home has been evolving for me here in this new place.  I love how I can use my passions here - languages, cultural... Read more

Where do you get your local news?

By Sarah on July 2, 2020 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

This month has been a whirlwind of new activities for me in life and ministry here in West Africa. A friend I met in France has an English Language school in the town where I live. She invited me to teach two small classes during the months of June and July to help them finish their school semester. I had been praying for ways to connect with the community in a controlled but outside environment. God answered my prayer by bringing them to me. The last few lessons we talk about social topics such as journalism, human rights, child issues both in the States and in West Africa. One of the... Read more

Language acquisition is always relational

By Sarah on May 21, 2020 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

Many aspects of the GoCorps enticed me to apply but one stood out in particular - language learning as ministry. My placement and organization actively used language to reach both believers and non-believers in our area of work. The team uses a method called the Growing Participator Approach. I am a new to the GPA method of learning a language. Nevertheless, I am finding tremendous encouragement by using it to learn Bambara. This method was developed by a man named Greg Thompson particularly for Kingdom workers in the field. It starts with nurturing a relationship rather than hitting the... Read more

Submitting to unknowns as He holds me in His hands

By Sarah on April 6, 2020 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

Held in His Hands   Swahili: Anajua mateso yetu Anapenda kutusaidia!  Bambara: Yesu yɛrɛ y’an tɔɔrɔw bɛɛ dɔn, A bɛ sɔn ka an dɛmɛ bi.  English:  [Jesus] Only He knows of our sufferings He LOVES to help us    Worship follows me wherever God sends me for His cause! The first two lines above are a song I grew to love in DRC, East Africa while working there in 2018. My team would sing this quite often during team devotions. What truth that the Father is ever near to comfort us! As I begin to learn Bambara, I asked my language nurturer to teach me Bambara worship songs - particularly songs... Read more

Questions a goer loves to answer

By Sarah on March 2, 2020 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

    “But what are you actually doing in West Africa?” This is been the hardest question to answer as I prepare to go to serve in West Africa. My response internally usually has come out as: “What other questions can you ask to a goer?” Now, do not misunderstand my question. I want to share with people God’s vision and purpose for me in West Africa. I am excited to dream how He will be using me in ministry while I am there! I want to answer the vision question. I simply struggle with the base of that particular question. 1. It comes from a Western mind set.  As Americans, we are valued by... Read more

It’s Mukamplicated

By Sarah on September 13, 2019 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

My siblings and I fall into a group called TCKs (Third Culture Kids) which includes all who have lived internationally and out of their host country for a considerable amount of time. I’m sure there is a specific time that the researchers use - but I’m all about inclusion so if you remember the experience and it lasted long enough to affect you - you are a TCK in my books.    My sister led a group in her college called Mukapa which focused on helping TCKs thrive in the States as they came from around the world. They created a t-shirt that has the famous, shoulder shrugging and at times... Read more

My Letter to Future Goers

By Christy on June 23, 2019 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

Out of almost three years' worth of blog posts, this final post right here is the hardest to write. What can I share with you that is helpful as well as succinct? How do I summarize the lessons I’ve learned over two-plus years? I wish I could share the whole story because God has come through in so many amazing ways, and each one is worth sharing about. Nevertheless, I’ll try to keep it brief. For those of you who are only just considering GoCorps and for those of you who have already committed to a placement, I have three tips: Take the small steps of faith. Expect the unexpected. Get to... Read more

The 2-Year Mark

By Christy on March 9, 2019 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

I've been overseas for 2 years! It seemed like such a long time to commit to, but it has passed so quickly! I will always be thankful for these two years in my placement(s). Things were rarely easy, but that just brought more opportunities for growth. The Lord led me to this, and He has led me through it. What a privilege to be able to walk towards, into, and through the beautiful calling that God placed in my life three years ago.  I will stay in my placement for an extra two and a half months to finish my language course. It feels a bit strange to recognize that my initial two year... Read more


By Christy on October 17, 2018 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Europe

“But God doesn’t call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if he doesn’t come through.” Francis Chan I came across this quote again recently. It’s a comforting and risky concept. I think we all at one point or another need a reminder to trust God, that he is trustworthy. It is a comforting reminder in that it’s encouraging, but a lot of times, trusting God is an action done in spite of comfort. What is comfort for you? Is it defined by the people around you – your close friends and family,... Read more