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Delicate Trust

By Samuel Glass on May 4, 2021 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Asia - South East

I am finally under way to my assigned country, but this month’s post is not about that. A few days before I left, a hummingbird got trapped in our house, & I learned some things. The Costa's Hummingbird that Prompted this Post When frightened, a hummingbird’s instinct is to fly straight up as fast as they can, hoping to stay out of reach of attack. In the same way, most of us who go into this line of work have hopefully developed similar impulses to direct ourselves God-ward at the slightest provocation. Generally, this is a good thing. The hummingbird is one of the most athletic flying... Read more

Missionary Preparation

By Seth on February 27, 2021 Track: Engineering - IT Region: United States

This has been a season of preparation. Training is just around the corner. What do you think a missionary would need to know? Would it be good to know about the place you're heading? What about the country?  The training I am going to focuses on the people you will be trying to reach. The people groups that GoTEN is especially trying to reach are the Somali, Afghan, Syrian, Iraqi, and Rohingya. I plan to visit with these people. As a missionary will I teach theology? evangelize? disciple? preach? As Gospel and Bible storytellers, our focus will be on teaching. The plan is to head to the east... Read more

Silence in the Song

By Samuel Glass on January 1, 2021 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Asia - South East

In the summer of 2019, I finally broke down & downloaded Spotify—a very popular music streaming app—& have since used it to listen for tens of thousands of hours. In December they send out “Spotify Wrapped”, which is a curated snapshot of your year in music: a bunch of interesting data about your listening habits, including your most-played songs. My top song of 2020 was “The Wrote & The Writ” (which apparently I streamed 110 times). On the one hand, this didn't surprise me—I was definitely aware that I listened a lot to this tune—but on the other hand, I didn't at first... Read more

Giving Up

By Samuel Glass on November 30, 2020 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Asia - South East

I know my placement title is "engineer", but one of my core identities is actually "writer".  My header image for this article comes from the National Novel Writing Month website.  NaNoWriMo is an annual challenge where we push ourselves to write 50,000 words of a novel every November, & as you can see from the header image this is my 8th year.  I have written a novel (or most of one, at least) every single November since 2013.  I've written a novel (or most of one, at least) in years when I've been busy with jobs & through the toughest semesters of engineering school. <!--break--... Read more

How Did We Get Here?

By Samuel Glass on October 19, 2020 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Asia - South East

At first glance it seems obvious that someone like me would end up doing something like this.  I visited over 20 countries before I was 25 years old & two of my biggest passions are language learning & helping people.  I was raised in a Christian homeschooling home where biographies of people like Hudson Taylor & Amy Carmichael were read almost daily.  In many ways it seems inevitable for me to go overseas. On the other hand, for most of my life I had no serious desire to be sent anywhere, &--even if I was going to go--I would never have expected to end up in South East Asia:... Read more


By Seth on October 19, 2020 Track: Engineering - IT Region: United States

I heard about GoCorps while studying at Olivet Nazarene University. I graduated in 2018 with a computer science degree. Lord willing I am heading to Phoenix to help with a refugee ministry for two years. I would be serving as tech support and helping refugees learn English. I would also tell them about the Bible and the Gospel through storytelling. I hope to help make Christ known among refugees. Read more

My Letter to Future Goers

By Mark on October 8, 2019 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

To future Goers:       The life that you've chosen is hard. There's nothing fancy about traveling across the world and living with the poor and broken for two years. It's not vacation, it's not a Europe tour, and it's definitely not something to take lightly. You will cry, question your purpose, second-guess your decision, and want to give up. And then you'll board a plane and do it all over again, but in a new city with a foreign language and people you don't know. You'll get hurt, you'll be broken, and you'll be knocked down and propped back up so many times you won't bother to count... Read more

Hello My Name is [REDACTED]

By Adam on September 13, 2019 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Africa - North

Hello all, my name is [REDACTED], but for the purpose of this blog you can call me Adam. Coming out of my junior year at Azusa Pacific University, a two-year adventure to Cameroon, Africa was nowhere even near my radar. It wasn’t until a family friend of mine put off going to medical school in order to serve. She is currently a year-round staffer at a camp in Canada. This decision was enough to begin the idea of what it would look like for me to put my plan on hold and go and serve for a certain amount of time. I would fantasize about long term trips to South America, working with orphanages... Read more

A Letter to A Future Goer

By Andrew on August 27, 2019 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Africa - North

My time working overseas is over for now and while that's a sad realization, I'm definitely happy for all the things that I've learned.  If I had to boil what I've learned down into blog or a short statement, I'd say that I've learned to be adaptable no matter how inadequate I feel.  I went overseas thinking I was just going to be the IT guy that did tech work in the background and, to be honest, that was one of the main reasons I ended up deciding to go because I knew I would be comfortable doing that.  Fast-forward two years later and the list of things that I've had to do is way longer... Read more

LIfe Update November

By Andrew on January 22, 2019 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Africa - North

School Update The first exam for school will be coming up soon.  I recently gave out one of the progress tests that my teacher’s book provides to see how the students were doing.  And well, as I mentioned in the last update about how students here tend to learn differently, a lot of the types of questions from the progress test were just too difficult for the students to understand.  Thankfully, not all was lost, I was able to catch a few areas to help my students improve on.  I’m really thankful that, for the most part, my students are still coming to class because quite often this would be... Read more