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Thoughts about Malawi

By Kirk on March 6, 2017 Track: Business Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

-July Flimsy blue chair pressed against warm iron walls. Blue sky, no clouds. Bees buzzing, butterflies flitting. A multitude of voices, chasing each other on the backs of a steady breeze. Maize leaves rustling, a thief in the field. Creaking iron doors, a hammer beating a nail into shape. Daisies growing, red dirt blowing. Hot sun shining, temperature climbing inside my shipping container, turned soap factory. Wooden shelves all around, holding bottles, molds, and rubber gloves Soap stacked in neat rows, soap spilled in tangled piles. Square bars, carefully cut. Round balls, made from scraps... Read more

A Love Letter to Chicago-Style Pizza

By AaronK on February 20, 2017 Track: Business Region: Europe

It's been approaching 5 months since landing in Berlin. Let's run through the list of how God's provided for me out here. 1: God led me to a long-term apartment (a huge one) with three other German Christian guys. 2: I've been gifted a home church that's been pursuing me and of which I'm being active therein.3: Language school is yielding fruits. I'm able to speak in German to the point of conveying stories after only 4 month's of training. Plus I've had people pursue me in outside of class therein. 4: My one-year Visa was secured in December without me being in the room. Even after going... Read more

Moment of Honesty

By Bonita on February 16, 2017 Track: Business Region: Europe

I SUCK at updating this blog. That is just the truth. I think about it often and I usually want to say so much but then I think, naw, I'll do something else. Nevertheless, here I am, attempting to convey something meaningful, honest, and impactful.  When I was preparing to move abroad I read everyone's blog. Every day I would check for a new update. I wanted hints, tips, advice to what I could expect. It was these blogs that motivated me to continue to MPD (raising support process).  All that to be said, here's some things that I've found helpful since moving here.  Finding people back home... Read more


By Claire on January 14, 2017 Track: Business Region: Latin America

Nearly four years ago, on a cool, misty day in a forest outside of Pittsburg, a friend approached me with something a little odd. You see, it was a Sunday of my first summer with Southwestern Advantage, the crazy, character-building, book thing. Every Sunday our whole team gathered and started our meeting with worship. This was also the time when the song Oceans by Hillsong came out, and after a long hard week and with the sweet yet powerful voices of the Elle and Anne, it just hit right down to your core. It was during this time that a fellow co-worker, whom I only knew on the surface,... Read more

Having a Fulfilled Christmas

By AaronK on December 29, 2016 Track: Business Region: Europe

Amazing how time flies. So many things I did not fully expect when I was sitting at home one year ago. God, allow my head to be clear, and if there’s anything you would have me say in this moment, please I welcome you to such!  The theme for today: fulfillment. Since I began my college career, God has been consistent in bringing me to this one lesson—one I am not surprised will follow me through ‘til the end of time. God always move most prominently in the little things. Always has. Not a month goes by where I don’t find myself returning to this single topic. Also, how that applies to the... Read more

December Newsletter

By Claire on December 27, 2016 Track: Business Region: Latin America

Feliz Navidad! We celebrated our 4th annual Beto's Christmas Party and had a great time together!Looking around the room we realized we were twice size from last year. Very thankful for the gift of growth and the opportunities God continues to provide for our team!  Interns-It's Summer Break in Nicaragua and 10 incredible students chose to give up their vacation to help our team in Masatepe. For their 2 month break, instead of sleeping in and relaxing these teenagers jumped at the opportunity to work for their community. During this internship the students have been learning everything from... Read more

Merry Christmas

By Kirk on December 24, 2016 Track: Business Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

Friends and Family, This Christmas Eve I want to thank you all for you prayers, your financial support, and your encouragement. I began writing this in the last hour of my twenty-four hour journey back to the US. It has been a refreshing break and has helped to give me new perspective on the things that are happening in Malawi. I will be flying back on December 26th to complete the remainder of my two-year commitment. Below I have listed a few of the exciting highlights that I have seen happen.   In addition to providing jobs for over 40 artisians in the refugee camp and the surrounding... Read more

The beautiful scourge of the Tower

By Chad on December 1, 2016 Track: Business Region: Asia - East

I invite you to take a brief pause and ponder with me about language.  During my preparation and throughout my study here, several times I have been intrigued.  My first reaction, and that which repeats most often, is merely the difficulty and frustration of learning a different language.  I’m sure anyone who has ever attempted this task, whether successfully or compulsorily during school, would concur.  There are different sounds, inflections, meters, scripts, structures, grammars, colloquialisms.  The confusion and struggle often seem unending and the desire for all to speak the same... Read more

A Castle in a Swamp

By AaronK on November 28, 2016 Track: Business Region: Europe

Normally I would treat the blogspot as a devotional piece, yet I feel inclined to give an overview of the city in this season. To those who have had prior experiences living in another culture, this you would find in common ground. Living in another culture carries with it a sense of "other-ness." As a television character wandering through a different show, I conduct myself with this understanding that there is this inescapable sense that I don't belong. I trust this to be a temporary side-effect of cultural transition. This coupled with a language barrier (albeit a very small one) will be a... Read more

We were made to be awesome! (and thankful)

By Johnny on November 22, 2016 Track: Business Region: Europe

Amongst everything going on right now in the world, I figured this was a video we all needed to see. We all needed a pep talk becuase we've gotten mean and lazy. I go on Facebook and everyones being negative about something, there's not enough love going around anymore. Now I know that my faith in Christ really guides me in how I view people and my ability to be awesome, becuase I was made by God to do work for God! But even if you don't beleive in God, you are supposed to be awesome and loving too.  Come on y'all, "you're gooder than that"! We all have dreams and passions, so let's go get... Read more