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One Year Down

By Dana on November 6, 2018 Track: Business Region: Asia - Central

Has it really already been a year? Wowzer. And this year has been hard! Not that life in your home country isn’t, but at least one can usually go grocery shopping without needing a dictionary. I’m not complaining, each new challenge is an opportunity for growth and for God to show His power and be glorified, but I don’t want to sugar-coat this either. It’s tough. And there are growing pains as I work to become the person God designed me to be. Yesterday, I came across a verse in 2nd Corinthians about sorrow. Paul is reflecting on the reaction his first letter, a reprimand, caused among the... Read more

October Update: Family visit, growing ministry and website launch!

By Claire on November 5, 2018 Track: Business Region: Latin America

October Update: Family visit, growing ministry and website launch! Read more

In the Stillness

By Reid on November 3, 2018 Track: Business Region: Latin America

    Over a month in Mexico City now and God's grace is here with me as I run through the routines, Spanish classes, and friend-making. It's a big, big city and there is a ot of running around in a typical day for me between teaching English to University students, going to Spanish classes, and helping out at different Bible studies in the city. I've learned that I can't go 100% all the time. I found myself becoming more self-centered and losing my identity in Christ. I was able to stay in the Director's house last weekend to pet-sit his dog. It was a good time for me to regroup and refocus on... Read more

Thus Far

By Maddy on October 18, 2018 Track: Business Region: Latin America

I remember the first time I heard this question - "Maddy what was the highlight of your week?" This question was coming from a dear friend of mine, she was so incredibly busy yet made time to really dig deep in the five minuets we shared before her next task. She was always intentional when she would ask this question, and I would watch how others would respond to her question. She would never take a vague answer but always dig deeper until she was satisfied. I soon fell in love with her intentional question that left the door of transparency so wide open. I adopted the question she would ask... Read more

Out of the City

By Dana on October 9, 2018 Track: Business Region: Asia - Central

Greetings Friends! I failed to write a post last month, so this month you get an extra long one. Yippee! In previous posts I’ve mentioned my awesome landlord, Otto*, and his daughter Marie*, who owns my apartment, yes? Over the summer they invited us (my boss, his wife and me) to their summer/ancestral home several times, and in mid-September we finally went! It is only 168 miles away but takes 4.5 hours to drive due to the lower speeds required for traversing switchbacks and mountain roads. Coloradans know something about that kind of journey. We left the city around 8:30am, picking up Marie... Read more

Jumping Out of Planes, and from Other Safe Places

By Marin on September 24, 2018 Track: Business Region: Latin America

Wind was gusting through the plane as I saw each pair fall out one by one. By the grace of God I felt excited and ready (as you can probably tell from the video). I heard the countdown to three, took one step and found myself in freefall overlooking the Swiss Alps. The green of the fields and mountains, the turquoise blue of the lakes and the exhilaration of the fall were well worth the uncertainty of signing up for skydiving in a foreign country. During my last year at Baylor, I felt led to find a place to serve for a year or two after college. After looking into several different... Read more

Learning How to Go

By Maddy on September 14, 2018 Track: Business Region: Latin America

I'm going to be honest, this is probably the 5th or 6th blog I've tried to write over the years, but this is the first one centred around Christ. Also this is the first blog that comes with an accountability system. I'm from the city of Chicago and I've been stuck in the woods for the past week learning more about my placement in Mexico City. It has riled up my sinuses and riled up my spirit.  I went to culinary school in Hyde Park, NY at the Culinary Institute of America - so I have a few degrees that say I don't burn things (often). I worked in NYC after my graduation in lower Manhattan. I... Read more

God is Great, Life is Good

By Claire on September 4, 2018 Track: Business Region: Latin America

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My Real Life Facts... up to this point.

By Holly on September 3, 2018 Track: Business Region: Europe

What does it mean to live a life on mission in Berlin?  (Many things, but I can tell you what it means for me :D)  A life on mission means waking up every morning verbally saying, “Your will, not mine. A life on mission means seeing your mission field as more than non-believers and being part of every person’s journey with Christ who he places in your life. A life on mission means using all your God given gifts and talents to his glory. A life on mission means giving up your rights and serving over being served. (This must come from the heart.) A life on mission means abandoning what you... Read more


By Reid on August 28, 2018 Track: Business Region: Latin America

Hi guys, these last couple months have been a wild ride for raising support. I am glad to report that by the grace of God I am fully funded to go on mission to Mexico! It is a big relief to be able to focus more on things other than reaching the financial requirement. God is faithful!   Here are some places in scripture God has been teaching me out of over the past two months or so:   In the story of Jesus healing the synagogue ruler Jairus’ daughter, it stood out to me how gracious the Lord was in handling the situation with the ruler. He was distressed and he knew Jesus was the man to bring... Read more