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So, did you study to be a missionary?

By Maddy on March 27, 2019 Track: Business Region: Latin America

Ha, yeah right - that’d make my life a little easier.    I get asked a lot of questions, some are from people I’ve known since I’ve arrived, and some are from people I have only known for a minuet.   No – I didn’t come to Mexico for an adventure.  No – I didn’t come to Mexico because I didn’t have a job lined up.  No – I didn’t come to Mexico because I felt pity toward the Mexican people.  No – I didn’t come to Mexico because I love warm weather. No – I didn’t come because only I can go to Mexico and I’m special and all that nonsense.  No. No. No. (refer to Michael Scott when Toby Flenderson... Read more

My Letter to Future Goers

By Johnny on March 14, 2019 Track: Business Region: Europe

Two years, done. Memories, witnessed. People, met and cherished. These last two years I have learned so many different lessons that it is difficult to actually pick a few to talk through. I have learned the importance of surrounding yourself with borhter and sisters of the faith that can uplift and lovingly correct you, and you to them. That ministry has so many different facets, and there is no use to pigeon-hole yourself into believing that you will be only doing ONE thing in country. Nope, you need to be incredibly flexible, like think the most flexbile person you know, now triple that,... Read more

Never not in need of Grace

By Dana on February 28, 2019 Track: Business Region: Asia - Central

I want to be perfect. I want to be likable, agreeable, always appropriate in word and deed. But I’m not, not even close. I’ve been struggling with this lately; feeling as though I’m constantly saying or doing the wrong thing, as though I give offense at every turn, and that my colleagues don’t really like me. Not a fun place to be, emotionally. But those are lies. That is, my colleagues might not like everything I do, or might need to correct me (often), but that doesn’t mean they don’t like me. They extend grace when I fall short. But I don’t want to be in need of grace, I want to be... Read more

That Time Jesus Whistled, and the Storm Ceased

By Maddy on February 25, 2019 Track: Business Region: Latin America

  I was asked this week. “What is God teaching you?” Honestly, I realized that I am watching myself, telling myself to be super careful and observant. I want to blend in and be respectful and polite. I don't speak unless spoken to; make a lot of eye contact and smile all kindly.  That all kind of literally went out the window when I was screaming in delight at my youth pastor in the middle of traffic jam from a different car. Yeah. Mexicans here like to have fun. The people I’ve encountered don’t take life super seriously. They are not afraid to laugh, and over exaggerate a story to get you... Read more

"So, what exactly do you do here?"

By Maddy on February 6, 2019 Track: Business Region: Latin America

It may seem like all fun and games, but that’s because at the end of the day I enjoy all of it - except for getting hungry whilst staring at paperwork, that’s a strange habit I can’t seem to break. So, let me take you through a week: Sunday: I like to try and rest on Sundays, however I find rest in others so I‘m awake by 7:00am and out the door by 7:30am headed to help set up the church and I’m not allowed to leave the house without a meal. Breakfast can be important, but I don’t like eating it. The church I attend rents out a space that is very auditorium-like every Sunday, it’s typically... Read more

That QUALITY Quality

By Maddy on January 25, 2019 Track: Business Region: Latin America

Fam!  I’ve made it to Mexico City I’ve been here for 10 days! People here keep asking me 'how do I like Mexico City?' and thankfully it is all very underwhelming. I guess these are just some of the perks of being a street-smart-city-person and a go-with-the-flow person. It is obviously a different city than any of the cities I’ve visited or lived in but at the end of the day. It is still very much a city. Now, if God called me to go to the country side of Chile. Well then, I’d panic a little. My very first week here (so last week) my organization had me take several surveys, that fall into... Read more

Oooh We're Half Way There! (Thoughts at the 1 Year Mark)

By Holly on January 23, 2019 Track: Business Region: Europe

(truly) LIVING ON A PRAYER!!! How did this happen? 1 year mark… how did I get here already? For those of you considering GO>>ing for 2 years overseas to use your major and find your place in God’s global work, delve into a new culture, explore another language, challenge yourself personally, emotionally, and spiritual, then here’s the tea of what accepting that step of faith looks like for me, 1 year in.   Looking back guys, I am truly blown away. 1 year ago I was with my family, enjoying long, intentional quiet times, packing, buying everything I thought I needed, etc… Now, I have... Read more

Christmas Community

By Claire on January 21, 2019 Track: Business Region: Latin America

Hey Friends! Here is my latest video update about the holidays in Ecuador! Thanks for checking it out and your continuous love and support. Hint: There is a surprise at the end! Much love and many blessings, Claire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD8Pzm-e1KM Read more

A Godwilling Spark

By Maddy on December 26, 2018 Track: Business Region: Latin America

There is a phrase Christians use, “all due in God’s timing” it is meant to emphasize our Creator’s might and power, and really in brief explains how we’re simply vessels for His greater glory. For since He created the heavens and the Earth He also created time and a right and just way for it all to work out.  This goes with saying that God tells us not to worry, for He is able to have all of creation flow beautifully, He is able to feed the birds in the sky, He created symbiotic relationships between remora fish and manta rays. If He has created it all to work in harmony, then surely us, who... Read more

A Community That Loves

By Maddy on November 30, 2018 Track: Business Region: Latin America

November.  We got our first snow fall in Chicago. Snow is top notch my favourite thing God pours from the skies. It also means I'm leaving soon.  Upon on all my preparation for this missions trip - I have felt so sure about this. I have felt so confident about it. I have felt the call so strongly to this. But still I am human. I still have doubts. It drives me crazy but I have to keep pressing on. Not in denial but more so in faith, I just continue on in my paper work, in my lingo as if I am fully funded. I am not. But if this is where God wants me, I need to stop putting my trust in myself.... Read more