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Learning Trust

By Jeff on July 9, 2014 Track: Business Region: Europe

Hello friends! I thought I would write an update on where I am at so far this summer.  I have had the chance to meet now with so many wonderful people and couples that have supported me, encouraged me, challenged me, and prayed for me.  How amazing to know that I do not have to go though this journey alone, that there are endless amounts of fellow Christians who are willing to meet with me, hear about what I will be doing in Berlin, and who are willing to commit to pray and even give donations to the cause!  What a blessing it has been!  Thank you all so much for your love and support. That... Read more

Hello from GoWeek!

By Jeff on May 21, 2014 Track: Business Region: Europe

Hello everyone! I am writing my first blog from the great city of Minneapolis, MN, here at GoWeek!  I am a native of Washington state, and graduated in industrial design from Western Washington University.  In the fall I will be headed to Berlin, Germany to pursue business as missions, helping with a cafe/arts and music events place.  I am excited to be able to develop relationships with the arts, music, and design community of Berlin through this strategic venue, as well as help out and learn more about what it means to run a Kingdom business.   I am very excited to start this journey with... Read more

Haiyan: "How do I help?"

By Sharon on November 13, 2013 Track: Business Region: Asia - South East

It's been five days since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. I have never dreaded turning on the news so much.   The Monday after Haiyan, I went to Bangkok for LEAD Asia's Community of Practice, a semi-annual gathering of development practitioners within LEAD's network in Asia.  Today was our third and last day. During our time in Bangkok, my two Filipina colleagues-turned-roommates and I found ourselves distracted by updates on the aftermath of Haiyan.  We kept tuning in to CNN even though we knew very well what we would see: endless footage of buildings leveled by the storm surge like... Read more

There's something about Yolanda

By Sharon on November 8, 2013 Track: Business Region: Asia - South East

The Philippines is no stranger to rain.  Every year, the country is walloped by 20 to 25 typhoons. And then there's this one. Typhoon Yolanda (or Haiyan, as it's called internationally), is the 25th typhoon to hit the Philippines this year.  A local paper claims it's one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded.  It's even got one guy at The Atlantic wondering if it's the most powerful cyclone in history. Yolanda is not your friendly neighborhood typhoon.  She's big (clouds affected 2/3 of the country at one point), fast (with winds up to 170 mph), and angry (damage could be "catastrophic... Read more