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It's me, Beli!

By Belicia on October 20, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

There I was sitting in my 8am Missions class with four other students and Professor Jenkins during my first semester of senior year of college. As we were waiting for everyone to get settled, Jenkins was telling me about this organization his friend started, GoCorps. Jenkins knew I had a heart for missions and youth but was struggling with how to combine those two things into the real world. He told me to check out their website so I went home and here I am, preparing to move to Spain as a Youth Mentor. I thank God every day for putting Professor Jenkins in my life at that time. I have always... Read more

I have the responsibility of being a Missionary????

By Angelica on October 20, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

Hello to whomever is reading this blog! : )     Though I may not be able to see you in person, nor may I even have an opportunity to know who has read this post, I feel privileged to be writing this.  By posting this first blog, it feels like I have earned a badge of honor with GoCorps!  I remember when I was considering whether or not I wanted to join GoCorps, I spent hours one day just reading the blogs of the Goers.  I remember thinking how brave and heroic they were to be posting publicly about their journey…and now I am one of those Goers!! Wow!!     The simplest way to explain how I got... Read more

"22 was like the worst idea that I have ever had..."

By Rosie on September 21, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Latin America

*Disclaimer: I haven’t been 22 since January, but…* Seeing this Paramore song quoted on someone’s story for their 22nd birthday reminded me of a conversation I had a few months back with a different person, who told me, “Yeah, they say everyone hates you when you’re 23…” I imagine this has something to do with the actual fact of being 23. It’s kind of an awkward time, to speak really clearly. All of a sudden you’ve finished you’re schooling, and you’re looking to integrate into “the real world,” “the work force,” and trying to be “an adult,” who “contributes to society.” Coming with those... Read more

Well, it happened...

By Rosie on July 17, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Latin America

This one is a vlog. Story time!!!  Well, it happened! July Vlog Video of Well, it happened! July Vlog  Read more

June 2020 Thank you, God. (Alt. Title: It’s Rainy Season) Adapted from personal journal, June 16, 2020

By Rosie on June 17, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Latin America

June 2020 Thank you, God. (Alt. Title: It’s Rainy Season) Adapted from personal journal, June 16, 2020                 Thank you, God.             Thank you for a mom who prays with me…             Thank you for your many options that show your continued, perfect, provision.               Thank you that anything that really means something will be hard.               Thank you that my work really means something.             Thank you that my relationships really mean something.             Thank you that my life here really means something. Read more

These Kids Spoil Me

By Rosie on May 26, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Latin America

     During our GoCorps training in Minnesota, (just about 1 year ago this month!) our staff led us through a session on some of our roles as GoCorps Goers. One of my favorites was “storyteller.” (I don’t know if you guys have figured out yet that I like to talk!) Our leadership told us, “Storytelling is such a powerful, yet underappreciated form of ministry. Anyone can sit there and argue the historical connotations of a Bible verse or whether something is to be taken literally or metaphorically, but YOUR story, that YOU EXPERIENCED, and God GIFTED to you? That’s truth. And someone might not... Read more

Never Forget the Power of Prayer!

By Rosie on May 6, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Latin America

In the midst of everything, I feel extremely grateful to have a God who gives us the opportunity to intercede on behalf of our people.  And to have an organization that makes an extra effort to reach out during times of trial.  And to have friends all around the world who can agree with me in prayer.  Check out this awesome video that GoCorps put together! Will you agree with us in prayer also? A Prayer for Our World - April 2020 Video of A Prayer for Our World - April 2020    Read more

Life Happens

By Anna on April 20, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

This season has been difficult for many people and challenging for us in ways we were not expecting. There is fear, worry, and so much unknown. We’ve lost many things and opportunities. It feels as if the world had come to a grinding halt, like so much has ended and we sit, holding our breath, waiting for the wheels to start turning again and for life to begin to return to “normal.” The other day, I was re-watching some of my favorite episodes of the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Some of you may be familiar with this show and some of its featured characters. Uncle Iroh is a character... Read more

These Words Are Not My Own

By Rosie on April 14, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Latin America

Batter my heart, three-person'd God By John Donne   Batter my heart, three-person'd God, for you As yet but knock, breathe, shine, and seek to mend; That I may rise and stand, o'erthrow me, and bend Your force to break, blow, burn, and make me new. I, like an usurp'd town to another due, Labor to admit you, but oh, to no end; Reason, your viceroy in me, me should defend, But is captiv'd, and proves weak or untrue. Yet dearly I love you, and would be lov'd fain, But am betroth'd unto your enemy; Divorce me, untie or break that knot again, Take me to you, imprison me, for I, Except you enthrall... Read more

When God is Never Mentioned

By Diamond on March 23, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

Esther.  One of two - and most underrated - books in the Bible that is named after a woman. That alone tells you what type of God we have - if you said an inclusive one, you were right. If you didn't say anything at all and just continued reading, that's okay too. It was day 7 of being in my apartment and doing everything life-related through my superhero-sticker-covered laptop. You could imagine how I'm doing right now - giphy.gif Kidding. However, I can't go to church, so I decided to look for a sermon online - you know, the thing that basically the entire world is doing right... Read more